Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Thank You God

I am on my knees today thanking my Lord for all he has given me. Without going  into much detail let me say that today was an answer to my prayers for the past two years.. Right out of the blue a beautiful gift form God was given to me today. I dont really want to say what because there are lots of things that still need to happen , but i am telling everyone that PRAYER AND TRUST IN GOD WORKS. Im full of such emotion i cant even really wrap my head around it..  I am thanking The Good Lord  today for his love and understanding and a beautiful gift he has given me today. THANK YOU GOD.. Today will be the beginning of a HUGE healing process for me.. So im hoping that eveyone can bow their heads in prayer today and thank our good Lord for all his love .. And my heart goes out to all of the families of those precious little babies in Newtown Conn and the wonderful adults who lost their lives trying to save the children. May peace and hope find room in your hearts in the coming days. Please love the Lord... I know i do.. MERRY CHRISTMAS

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I cant really do this justice.. take a peak at what i recieved in the mail today from Peggy over at Ladyinred and my farmgirl sister.. we did a Christmas stocking swap and her and i had each other.. the stocking itself is a beautiful purple with a big sparkely purple butterfly on the top. it was filled to the brim with fabulousness... where to start... hmm. well there were several sweet Christmas decorations, christmas trees with bells , sweet angels a darling red bird some great stickers and card making supplies, also some fab yarns  and a beautiufl knitted scarf (i have to ask Peggy if she knit it ) i loooovvveedeee it the colors are beautiufl you can see it at the bottome right hand corner of the picture.. theres a beautiful plaque with a vintage pin on it and a beautiful vintage brooch (love love lvoe), sweeet notepad, a cross with Josheph Mary and Baby Jeusus... (the reason for the season)... a lovely handpainted sand dollar yummy chocolate bars, and i really really love the handmade Christmas tags, a chocolate candle (how great is that?) im sure i have left out some of the goodies there is just so much fabulousness there.. thanks so much for your generosity Peggy.. i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv everything..... i cant thank you enough for our fun swapp.. im also very happy that mildred is having so much fun in her new home. for you who dont know in Peggy stcoking i sent her mildred the church mouse,. well ever sinse mildred arrived she has been all ove the place at Peggys house.. Peggy post evey day showing us what mildred is up to... so very sweet im really enjoying wathcing her get to know her new home. she is very happy there and who wouldnt be with someone as wonderful as Peggy.. thanks so much.... will post again soon..

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Love this time of year

thanksgiving was a wonderful day it was spent with my loved ones.. my cousin Helen has terminal cancer and she said grace and how thankful she is to our Lord for all the wonderful things he does for all of us.. its so amazing to see how much she loves God. i am striving to get to that point in my life.  i have a long way to go.. will continue to work on that.. i spent yesterday shopping! a great day. i shopped for over 12 hours, but really go some great gifts that i know are perf for the people i got them for,, love that.. although it was very bittersweet, as this time of year my brother Dave always called asking  for everyones list. he loved to shop for us all and loved getting the perfect gift, and enjoyed it like i do. so yesterday (as always) my thoughts were of Dave. the best big brother anyone could ask for.. i miss him soooo much,. and gireve daily for all he is missing and all of us missing him.. so very diffiucult.. you are missed sooo much Dave..  and my Dad is gone and we are all missing him and life will never be the same. all the more reason to read Gods word, to try and find some solace and comfort there.  i will be listin more items this week in my etsy sotre and getting ready for Christmas... and remembering that this means celebrating the birth of Christ, whom we all must praise and love with all that we have always.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fabulous Christmas Gifts

These REDNECK WINEGLASSES are the perfect gift this season!! I just did a craft fair in ellsworth and got lots of great comments on them.. These are a gift for anyone! I have these listed in my etsy shop, and also have lots available if you want to just e-mail me.. These  VINTAGE TEA CUP CANDLES are alos great gifts.. so very sweet, i have several of these as well... So let me know if youre interested and i can ship some out to you..  Got to get ready for work will write more later.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Getting Ready

wow long time since ive posted... tonight will be my last night here in bar harbor. i have been here for 10 weeks working. i have made many wonderful new friends. it has been a joy getting to know these people, who are so much fun and so very sweet and generous. evelyn gave me a gift certificate to a round resteraunt, so my husband and i went there last night for our anniversary dinner( a month early) i thought it was today but its next month. whoopsie.. im a dodo.. anyway dinner was fabulous!!! omg i had grilled lobster tail scallpos and shrimp.. and a lobster stuffed shitakie mushroom appetizer with a chocolate martini for dessert.. mike had filet mignon (spelling?) and his was delish as well... we met a wonderful couple form australlia, and the bartender and waiter were was a very very nice dinner thank you so much evelyn.. we really had a memorable dinner.. very nice. now im off to work today and then tommorow is my last day here.. sad.. i will miss everyone muchly..
gettin ready yes im getting ready to do a craft fair in trenton on november 10, so anyone living around here be sure to come. it is at Christian acadamy school.. i will sell my redneck wineglasses, button braclets, gift pockets, and i think i will sell buttons and beads by the scoop and my metal letters.. when i get home this week i will start gathering all really looking forward to it. not only will it be fun to sell but i love to see the things other crafters are doing as well...
lastley my heart goes out to all of my fellow americans who are suffering from the damage and loss of hurricans sandy.. how horrible it must be to be ripped apart by a storm like that.. those of us fortunate enough to never have experienced such a thing cannot phathom the pain and suffering involved.. God hears our prayers, so lets all pray for those suffering. 
i hope to post some pics of my gift pockets when i get home..

Friday, October 5, 2012

Rose Hips and Hydrengas

Love the title..While in Bar Harbor i really enjoy walking on the shore path. it wraps around the oceans edge. its very popular and you see many peopl and look at all the fishing boats and cruise ships. very cool. so the other day i thought i would take a few pics of things i saw along the way. Now if i can figure out how to post a pic with the caption under it.Well guess i cant figure that out..
Anyway looks like i will be in bar harbor another month. i really enjoy the job and the people are fabulous! im getting to know some really nice people. im home for the weekend and slept in late today it was wonderful! i dont HAVE to do anything. feels good to be lazy! i really need to get some cleaning done. i promised my mom that i will shampoo her friend millies rug tommorw, mom was going to do it. so of course i dont want her doing it and God Bless millie she is in her eighties. she is moving into assisted living, so i will do that for her tommorw.  i also want to make some more button braclets. finish a bunch of red neck wineglasses.. and figure out possibly how to set up a craft table. i saw a sign for a craft fair nov 10 at bar harbor Christian accadamy. have to think about that.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Farmgirl Secret Sister Revealed

look at all of this fabulousness.... Lesley was my secret sister.. i was out of town working all week ( will be for the next 6 weeks) and i came home for the weekend and there was this package waiting for me..  where to begin with all the goodies.. Lesley knows i love susan branch so she went out of her way to find sb material and made me a beautiful apron and sweet little pocket holder .. not to mention  beautiful note cards and sweet sb cards with her reveal messsage in them.. also some beautiful plaques by margalein bostin whom i also love..  some great soap (love) a lovely cup (love) a tin of tea (love) some berts bees tinted lip balm (love) and beautiful cards.. i cant thank you enough Lesley especially sisnce i know that Lesley and her family have been having a difficult time lately . It goes to show you how selfless she is to still send me these lovely things when her life is upside down, so very thoughtfull... i also love the bible study she does on the mjf website. i havent really commented on it much as ive been really busy at work but i do read it. thanks for that too Lesley.  gotta go for now but wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU TO LESLEY...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Button Braclets and Red Houses

sorry the pictures of the braclets sucks.. becuase they are DARLING!!! im loving making these.. i have enough vintage buttons to fill a volkswagon, so i thought this would be a really fun thing to do with them.. ive sold three already!! the picture doesnt do them justice you really have to see them on nd up close to see how cute they are. 
and i just had to post the pic of my 91 little red houses,,, arent they fun??? i just listed them in my etsy shop, they would make really cute jelwelry..
i will be working in bar harbor for the next two months starting next week.. i hope my hotel has a gym and a pool.. i plan on working out and swimming.. and reading!!! and working!!  gotta go for now i still have lots and lots to do.. oh yes i also made some more delish fresh tomatoe and garlic sausse today to freeze.. and i froze some grated zuccini from my garden for muffins and breads this winter,.,. bye for now

Monday, August 20, 2012

Cups & Saucers

Look at these adorable cups & saucers that i found at a yard sale this week. i just put them in my etsy shop .. also today i made a DELISH sauce with my home grown tomatoes.. i simply cooked the tomaotes with some fresh garlic , salt and pepper, and some tomatoe paste... YUMMY..  gotta go im tired, hope to post more in the next couple of days..

Thursday, August 16, 2012


 check out the blueberries sally and i picked t McNallys farm in Patten Maine.. we really had a good time .. i plan on making jam and sally gve them to her sister in law as she was staying at her camp.. We had such a nice visit. I didnt realize how much i missed sally until she came to visit for a couple of days! she is such  sweet kind hearted friend. we had lunch at a local resteraunt , shopped at some thrift shops, went to bible study and had hppy hour in the loco lounge. i was sad to see her go. her life is so lonely and sad i wish i could mke it better for her, but of course i cant. she does have The Lord, and im so thnkful for that. she is very faithful and loves God. thank you Lord for getting her through the hard times. i will go to vermont at Christmas time for a visit with her.. and check out my few little veggies from my garden.. cute little tomatoes  hot pepper and a perf zuchinii.. mike and i went to a local resteraunt for dinner tonight hd a few drinks now im reallyh looking forward to a great nights sleep.. God willing..
HI Connie, thanks for joing plumkrazy, I'm happy to see you here and hope you enjoy my little ramblings. cheryl

Monday, August 13, 2012

Bad Hair Day!!

check out my fun plant called 'BAD HAIR DAY"  love it.. In case you're wondering its the funky one in the two tiered wire holder,,,
Gotta go get ready for work, and im picking up my friend sally tommorwo she is visiting me from vermont.. i look forward to spending a couple of days with her.. will be fun, i will write about it wednesday evening!!! thanks for reading.

Ceramic Whistles

How freaking cute are these??? I found these at a humane society yard sale.. I just love them....  Aren't they the 'TWEETEST' little birds youv'e ever seen?? I love them... I think they are a canary, a fish and a kitty... so tweet...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Does anyone Have any ideas for me??

i love that you all are following me! i would love it so much if you wrote me a comment once in a while of thigns you would like to see on my blog or things i could write about.. if anyone reads this blog and can pass on an idea of how i can make it more fun i would love it!!! i may even sen you a little something!!!! try and take some time to jot me a note if you could! thanks my loyal followers... i just did cheers with a limearita!!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Licnese Plate Bonanza

i went to a yard sale the other day and found tons of license plates!!!! what a find i have bunches of them arent they fab?? check them out at my etsy shop PLUMKRAZY, i think these are so much fun to make things from!!! i have lots so contact me if youre interest... thanks for looking.

Monday, July 30, 2012


hi everyone,, i have been crazt busy with my grandaughters these past few weeks and will be for the next week.. im hoping to be able to post some pics real soon. just so busy  the girls and i went picking blueberries the other day and i made blueberry jam today.. looks fab.. i have lots of photos to post and lots to talk about, but im wiped out.. did lots and lots today.. cleaning house shopping for grocieries making blueberry jam two new granddaughters came today.. so another busy week.. catch up later ..

Monday, July 16, 2012

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hens and Chicks

check out these fab hens and chicks. i have the twig wreath with hens and chicks listed in my etsy shop!!! i just love them so much they really are the gift that keeps on giving, as they multiply like crazy!!! i think ill become a  hen&chick farmer.. thanks for looking have a great day

What Are These?

Hi im hoping someone will know something about these cute little spoons i have.. they look too big to be salt spoons, they also look like sterling, but are not marked on the back. if anyone has ever seen any like these, please let me know. i also have these little handmade quilt pieces, that i have listed in my etsy shop. they are about the size of a half dollar. i found them in the little box they are in. can anyone tell me anything about these?i listed a bunch of stuff in my etsy shop yesterday.. canat wait to hear from you  and see if anyone knows something about these cool pieces.. thanks all

Friday, July 6, 2012

Pregnancy Test

Got your attention?? hahah no its not me that took the test, i have to share this story.. i work in a supermarket and i had a first the other day. a young girl came through with a pregnancy test, and of course i had to comment. she wasnt extremely young, and seemed excited to think she could be preggers.. so i said i hope you are and she said im going into the restroom right now and do it.. i told her to please let me know the results.. sadly she came out and said it was negative. the reason she did it right there is she was on vacation  and wanted to know if she could have a glass of wine or not. God love her, i hope it happens for her.. what a great story isnt it???

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Islan Blossoms

here it is

RedNeck Wineglasses

oh yes and check out my redneck wineglasses

Busy Busy

hi everyone... been MIA for a bit.. yeegads, lots going on... socred some fab pieces at yard sales in the past week... a fab blue hutch. im in love with.. so very cute.. forgot to take a pic today , but will.. it has been hideously hot ..  we had a yard sale today did pretty well.. plan on getting in  my kyak tommorw and paddleing out to a beach island with a book and a few cocktails... and just chilling for the day... take a peek at the fabulous tea set i bought... at closer look i realized the rabbit on the tea pot has a broken arm, but is such a fabulous tea set that is just a minor little flaw.. check it out and let me know what you think?? Im thinking of selling it for 40.00 or trading if someone has something fabulous.  let me know...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Checking In

Hi   Just a quickie to say, thanks for stopping by... im working a lot, and its raining alot.. poopy doopy... in a bit of a funk... but our grandaughters called tonight  they will be coming for the rest of the summer.. so i have lots to do from ow till then.. have to move all my junk into boxes in storage so the girls will have room for thier stuff. busy next few weeks..; but well worth it to se the girls.,.. will post some pics soon..

Friday, June 22, 2012

Guilty Verdict


finally  a jury finds a defendant GUILTY AS CHARGED!!!  Sandusky is sooooooooooooooooooooo guilty!!! Finally someone is punished for his heinous crimes...  After the ridiculous verdicts of oj and kasey anthoney..l. a jury finally comes to a correct verdict of GUILTY... thank you to those jurors... now hopoefully the American people can restore their faith in the justice system....i can sleep easy tinight knowing that finally  a disgusting predator criminal will be behind bars... THANK YOU ...


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Giveaway Winner

Hi everyone... thanks so much for taking the time to check out my shop and this blog!! i really appreciate all of your comments and the time you took to check me out!!! Patty!!! is the winner of the giveaway! thanks so much Patty... please let me know when you get your package and how you like it!!  And i also see that you are following me now!! FABULOUS!! thanks so much...
today and the past few days have been hideously HOT. im working, and trying to garden and keep the house going..
tommorw i have to work a short shift and then its off to the lake with hubby mike and a picnic lunch.. look forward to that for sure... will take some pics and post..
thinking about the fourth of july.. should be lots of tourists in town,, so im thinking of a great yard sale... will sell some redneck wineglasses and homemade chaulboards.. gotta find out when the fourth will be celebrated.. the week before or the week after??  thanks ofr checking in ... will post some pics soon... than ks

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hi Again

hi here i am back again.. the days go by sooo fast. i will be back to work tommorwo... i still cant believe i actually missed work for a few days with an injury!! i am rarely sick let alone injured. it was really wierd... anyway im back to work tommorow... today went by too fast... i had a good nights sleep last night, spent today cleaning a bit, yard work, and bbq some salmon.. yummy!!! had a bunch of company this evening and before i know it its 10pm... time for bed.. oh yes and my tomatoes, peppers, irises, egyptian onions and flowers are coming along fabulously... i also bought a really really cool plant called BAD HAIR DAY... this weekend its very cute and very curly and funky... gotta go for now im a bit tired... and its off to work tommorwo.. thanks for reading...


Patty!!!! her name on MJF is thebyrdhaus!!!! yippee.  sorry i was late on the announcement a lot has happened in the past couple of days! will write about it later gotta go mow my lawn and weed wack.. thanks to all of you for your great comments and taking the time to stop by! cheryl

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Giveaway!!!! Date of Draw and little hint

hi everyone  thanks so much for checking out my blog and shop, and for your great comments... Hi Missy, i see you have started following me! its always a big treat for me when i see someone has signed up to follow me, and to read great comments.. thanks so much... anyway!!! ta ta.. i have put togehter some cute little items for making a little summer scrapbook.  so i will wait until SUNDAY evening at 9:00 to draw the name.. so there is still time to leave a comment and get your name in for the drwaing..
i had to leave work yesterday i hurt my arm somehow and it was killing me. went to the dr today and he gave me a shot of steroid! OUCH.... should be back to normal in a day or two...
we found out last night at our bible study that my cousin helen has to go on kidney dialysis. she has terminal cancer, and only one kidney and that is only functioning at 13 %. a huge blow.. she has suffered so much and gone through so much this is really a big dissapointment. please pray for her. she is the kindest most loving person you will ever meet and has an extremely strong faith in God. devastating news for sure.
i am going to do it!!! i have to loose weight when i was weighed at the doctors office today the scale said ONE AT A TIME PLEASE!!!  i thought i needed to loose about twenty pounds to feel better, but now im thinking 40... how does this happen??? does anyone have any great diet tips to share??? I NEED HELP,,,, so for the next two weeks straight i will live on salad, fish chicken and veggies to jump start myself, then continue to eat wisely and walk.. i know exercise is the key as well...
we are starting a new bible study book on acts by warren wiersbe. i will study that for a bit and do some surfing here on the computer and just putter around the house today, as my elbow is killing from the shot.. dont forget to leave a comment for a chaance to win some cute stuff!! thenak cheryl

Monday, June 11, 2012

Thanks Everyone

Hi Ladies, thank you so much for your wonderful comments i love them all...... please leave your e-mail addy for me when you leave a comment, because for some reason i am not able to view your e-mail from your comments. thanks so much ... i will gladly enter all in my giveaway , but i do need  your e-mail... i will announce my giveaway soon...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Great Comments

hi  i had some great comments from Joan and Lynette.. its so nice to hear from people who take the time to read my blog! for some reason i can only reply to your e-mails i dont have your e-mail listed.. sorry if that doesnt make sense.. but i need to have your e-mail to get in touch with you.. your names will go into the drawing for my giveaway.. speaking of   what will it be?? im still deciding!! will let you know soon, hope to hear from some more of you ...  i had my yard sale for the second day today!! another great day!!! by 10 am i had sold some of my redneck wineglasses... then i had two gals come by and buy a cute little pink cupboard and wicker topper, a couple of lamps and they bought all three of my handmade chaulkboards.... shazam//// i felt great selling stuff that i made and dreamed up myself!!! must make more chaulkboards!!! very very cute... it was a good day all in all... mike and i hung out and worked the yard sale, then it was bbq time mike made some bbq chicken and store bought macaroni salad.. then it was cocktails, i came into the house to list some new items in my ETSY SHOP, and our neighbors came over with their precious little granddaughter charlie.. now its tv time and computer time.. have to go back to work tommorow (poopers), oh well life cant be a constant vacation!! (sad).. so stay tuned for the GIVEAWAY INFO!!! thanks for reading...

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Another good day

my niece rebecca stopped by today. she lives about  6 hours from us, so it was great to see her... she is getting married next year.. she is quite invogue and has very particaular ideas about her wedding so of course i gave her a set of redneck wineglasses for her and  brian for the wedding toast!!! hahah when hell freeeszes over.. so of course i always tease her about how tacky i am... i am so proud of her she has really turned into a wonderfull young woman... love you rebecca... so im now on a mission to  choose a signature cocktail for her wedding... any way... so i had my yard sale today.. it went well and were getting more organization in the garage... will have it again tommorow...  hmmm lets see what will i do for the GIVEAWAY here on plumkrazyvintage??? will decide within the next few days... still waiting to hear your comments... when you leave a comment i will enter your name in the giveaway..

Friday, June 8, 2012


Hi all, mike and i just got back from a couple of days on the coast of maine., we had a good time. it was great to just stop in shops and check stuff out and be at the beach, and NOT HAVE TO GO TO WORK, and we had amazing lobster rolls at Reds Eats in wisscasit maine.. so good.. you cant even beleive.. i am going to spend the last tow days of my vacation trying to organize.. my junk.. im going to put some stuff out for a yard sale. i will also do some bbq and figure out what i want to do for the giveaway.. so please leave me a comment here on my blog and i will put your name in for the drawing.. hope to hear from lots of you.. thanks for reading!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Check it out!

hi ive been abit busy the past few days.. i have picked fresh rhuabarb today and made strawberry rhubarb jam. i have made some redneck wineglasses, and some handmade chaulkboards(very cute) also put together this little outside vinette, and heres a look at my side garden this year.. i will write more later as im on my way to bible study right now.. thanks for looking

Monday, May 21, 2012

Shame on Me

hi everyone... i have been lazy!!! i have thought lots about posting but havent.... i have been busy though.. i have lots of cool stuff i have bought at yard sales, made a bunch more redneck wineglasses, and made some really FAB chaulkboards... so bear with me and i will be posting soon..

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Over and Out

well thank goodness the colo is over... really not that bad.,,, very inconvient  but not too bad... everything went very well and i dont even need to think about another one for ten years!!! yipppppeeeeee..... now to get throught hte dentist tommorow and all my hideousness willl be over for a bit...  cant wait..
my cousin peggy got a new dog and she named him JIM how hillariously funny is that???? peggy is the funniest person ever and to name her dog JIM so prooves it..
back to the prep.. becuase of it i havent been able to be as active as im planning to be. didnt quite dare walk for the past couple days (if you know hwat i mean)..
so  a nyway i also listed a new piece in my etsy shop today.. a very very cute tote. wanna see it? isnt it cute?? would love to hear your comments.. thanks cheryl

Monday, May 7, 2012


the next few days shall be soooo much fun for me.. i have to prep for a colonoscopy, have one , and the next day the dentist.. not my fave things to think about. i work early morning tommorow, then the prep.. i have been walking with my neighbor most every night on our towns walking path. hoping to see some results soon.  i also hope to get some gardening done. mike and i bought pepper, tomatoe and rhubarb plants today. have to start getting some beds ready.. soo much to do so little time.. gotta go now, will let you know how the colo goes, i know youre on the edge of your seats!!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

My secret Sister  Here she is Hi Peggy Ann!!! thank you so much for being such a sweet and thoughtfull secret sister... i cant figure out how to put my fave blogs i a column on my blog so i thought this was the next best way

Home Again

Hi  I just got back from Machias again.. They had their grand re-opening today.. I t went well.. i sure hope to go back again sometime, but have a feeling it may be a while.. I really enjoy the people that work there.. So here i am.. Im feelong a bit out of sorts, maybe i can get back in the swing tommorow.. Im hoping to maybe get some orgainizing done(i never do) and get over to my friend ginas to see her daughter, get back at walking .. knitting and get some planting done.. i also want to get some items in my etsy shop listed.i also need to get another giveaway togehter.. Oh yes and  a big HELLO and THANK YOU SO MUCH .... to THE LADY IN RED who was my secret sister... LOVE HER... she sent me such fabulous pressies each month.. I dont know how to add blogs to my list so let me do it this way. one moment

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hen House Hop

First Annual Hen House Hop

Im not sure what im doing , but im hoping to be part of the Hen House Hop, from Dandelion House Blog... I have no idea what im doing but i hope its fun! Going back over to Dandelion House now..

Sunday, April 22, 2012

whoops here they are    this is the blog that i won my fabulous givea way on... these girls are faab... i will be getting a few treasures togehter for a giveaway here on plumkrazy.. i want to brighten someones elses day like these girls did for me!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

here they are

I Won A Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!1

Look at this fabulousness i won from the girls over at foxontherunblog...... you girls are unbelieveable... A pakcage came for me to day... i opened the box and there is a beautifulgold silky bag tied with gold ribbon.. i ope it up and SHAZAM.... where to start.. first off there were beautifully handmade cards (love the iris floding!!) some handmade tags , stickers galore, ribbon, ring card holders,a pocket embellishment, some chipboard shapes,a bar of orange valencia soap(i adore homemeade soap) a fabulous tie dyed domino magneta couple of really cool stones, some feathers some great clear sleeve envelopes and my absoulute favorite!!!! ta da a baby troll. I LOVE HIM.... isnt he precious! look at the little pot belly on him... I cant thank you girls enough for the fab package.. I am going back to maryjanes farm to try to find the right forum to post this on.. I have to go to work right now so it may be later tonight, but im going to mention this on the forums.. thank you sooooo much for your generosity.. i treasure everything..

Friday, April 20, 2012

New Items in my Etsy Shop    hi all   i listed some great new items in my etsy shop.... wont you go take a look??? gotta get up again tommorow for auction guy to pick up some stuff... he was supposed to be here today, oh well... so what do you think of my new lisitngs??

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What A Day

yeegads!!!! lets see how did my day go??? well lets see up  and out without shower or COFFEE... had to have blood work... that sucked as i have to have my coffee and shower to feel human.. so anyway the i went for a walk i just realized my town has a walking path and it is really great!!! anyway so then i had to have a consultation with the docite that will give me my first colonoscapy... i asked if i could mix triple sec and tequilla to the mix and have a margarita night to prep.. i thought it was a good idea!!! but a no go.. then if i hadnt had enough fun for the day i had a dentist appointment with anew dentist... the gal was in training and did all my xrays,.. i didnt mind she was great ... and everyone needs to start somewhere right??? then it was off to bible study!! and to top off the day mike and i had cocktails in the garage... i was really dreading the eintire day. but all went well except for my doctor i have to take sleeping pills and he perscribed me some p[ills but i soon realized i need to take two,, and he will not perscribe tow for me... so im pissed.. sleep does not come easy for anyway that was my day!!! yikes... oh and yes i just posted more items in my etsy store.. thanks for reading.. oh OMG i almost forgot.... I won a giveaway at foxontherun blog.. im beyond happy about it!!! thanks girls.. i think this is a sign i need to do another give away soon.... thanks so much

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beachcombing in Machias

HI all , I have been here in Machias Maine all week working. i love it here. My husband was here at the beginning of the week, we had a nice couple of days,. today when i got out of work i went to Rogue Bluffs state park for a nice walk on the beach. there is nothing like a walk on the beach with the surf pounding out a song and looking for treasures.. (although i must admit i was a little worried being there alone. you never know whne a serial killer will strike) anyway all went ok. i reall like finding rocks shaped like hearts. Hubby Mike found one for me the other day, and i found a few more today! take a look. whoops... i cannot figure out how to add a picture at the proper part of the post. anyway do you see the hearts! the next pic is of a broken heart found on the beach, i left that one there.. too sad. and the next pic is of the beach at rogue bluff.. wonderful .
I have stayed at the same motel all week and wanted to leave something for the chambermaid for cleaning my room all week(though i dont know who she is) i thought she may enjoy one of my frilly scarves that i make.. i hope she likes it.
what do you think? sorry im a poor photographer.. have a great day!