Friday, December 23, 2011


GO CHECK OUT MY SECRET SANTAs etsy site  COMMANDA13.ETSY.COM  arent these  gifts wonderful?? what a great surprise to get in the mail today.
its snowing here a bit today not a lot but enought to cover the ground.. still doesnt feel much like Christmas..
things im happy about today:  getting back in touch with my cousin patty
                                                 i had today off
                                                 im settting up a craft table in the spare room
                                                 recieved a cute secret santa gift today

etsy secret santa

how cute are these ?? this is my box from my secret santa on the etsy maine team... an absolutely darling little fairy girl so so cute a heart shaped bar of handmade soap. some paper star earrings, a lovely handmade card and a hot cocoa and a wonderful wire star ornament. and each of these gifts was inside a repurposed lttle pocket made from christmas cards. i will get back with more info soon. gotta go right now

Thursday, December 15, 2011


look at that fabulousness!!!! YUMMY. i decided to make cranberry apple jam sinse i love both flavors why not combine them.. so i made up a recipie of cranberries apples water sugar and cinamon and cooked and mashed and cooked and mashed a bit more and whhooolaaa... beautiful and may i say tasty cranberry apple jam... i have been making my own cranberry sauce for years and also homemade apple sauce. so i wanted to try this... fabulous!!! i will also still make some cranberry sauce and some apple sauce for gift giving.. cranberries are on sale at the market where i work and apples are 99 cents a pound for totes.. so i have more canning to do.  but i do not get flustered about getting things done for Christmas.. Christmas is a lovely time of year that we can all celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. think back at what they had for gifts then.. the poor precious baby our Lord was born in a manger... but what a wonderful gift he was. to think that he died on the cross for our sins!!!! wow you just cant top that... so i say pour yourself an eggnog (with a little something extra in it) say a prayer of thanks for our wonderful gift of forgiveness and everlasting life and enjoy your family and friends and have a great time.. so what if a few things dont get done.. they will eventually and i really feel we should keep the spirit of loving and giving all year long anyway, so dont fret and just enjoy this wonderful time of year.. ok ill get off my sopabox now... just wanted to show you all my yummy canned goodness..
MERRY CHRISTMAS.... talk soon

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


hi   mike (my husband) and i will be leaving friday for three days! we are going to brattleboro vt to see our dear friends.. not sure if we will stay sat night or head up the maine coast... will let you know.. i am having dinner with my dear friends maryellen and sally on firday night ... then we will take it from there for the rest of the time.. will be good to get away. and back to vermont... miss it very much and all my wonderfull friends there... im bringing some of the homemade blueberry and strawberry jam that my granddaughters and i made this summer... hope everyone likes it...  will try to remember to take some pics to post..
YIPPEE  i had an etsy sale tonight... a darling littel browm bag cookie art sheep mold....
watching top chef right now... gotta get some sleep another work day tommorwo,,,,,,

Sunday, November 27, 2011

vintage jewles

heres some of the jewles

hi again  im still trying to figure this out.. here is the link to my etsy shop go check it out some great gift ideas for the jewelry lover. it was quite interesting. this guy that i buy stuff from called and said he had some jewelry for sale, so i went over to check it out. he told me that his wife died in april . i was stunned i had no idea. he said they were togehter foor 44 years!!! wow the grief is immense. i sat and talked to him for quite a while and learned some very interesting stuff. i think he nedded to talk to someone, and knew i would listen. i am well versed in grief as i have suffred many many loses of loved ones myself. i felt good to be able to sit and lisstedn to him.  another chapter to add to my grief book. as sad as that is i feel fortunate to be able to listen , understand and pass these precious pieces of jewlery onto other who will love and enjoy them as much as the person who had them before did. its a good feeling to pass these loved pieces and memories onto others.
yesterday my firend and i went to a craft fair. it was really nice lots of girls from the maine etsy team there.. they all had beautiful wares to offer. we went ot a few shops after, had lunch on the bangor waterfron, and i bought a price club membership for my husband and i ... he had been wanting to and i kept saying its a waste of money, so for a surprise i bought us the membership and gave him the card when i came home. hes quite pleased with it.
this afternoon i am listing on etsy (charging my camera battery right now) will raad some knit some surf some net and hopefully ok i will get on my treadmill for about a half an hour.. tootle for now


yes i have gone PLUMKRAZY... i bought a bunch of jewelry today at an estate sale. some FABULOUS stuff. i put it all in my etsy shop PLUMKRAZY and added FREE SHIPPING on all the jewels i just listed. they are all quite lovely. wont you go check it out??


Thursday, November 24, 2011


i hope everyone has a wonderful day today. and i also hope that we all take some time to really count all of the blessings we recieve form God everyday. i am thankful that i have a wonderful family to celebrate this day of thanks with. in this crazy world today im thankful to have a home that is warm, people i love, and my health. ive been very fortunate to have family and friends and a job . its the simple things that so many people are not fortunate enough to have that we need to be thankful for. enough of my rambling. i will be making some homemade fresh cranberry sauce and some yummy applesauce for dinner at my cousin helens.
 we had our first snowstorm yesterday ... im looking forward to saturday when my maine etsy team is having a craft fair in waterville , my friend fran and i are going and will make a day of it.. alos swirling around in my brain are some great christmas ornaments i plan on making soon, stay tuned,

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


look at these cute little guys!!! they are waiting to go to bible study with me tonight. i cant remember if i mentioned before that on tuesday nights my mother myself and nine of my cousins have bible study. my mother being the aunt leads the study. we have been meeting for over a year now and we all love it. anyway i painted these guys and put some potting soil and some paperwhite bulbs in a nice cellophane bag tied with a ribbon. when they get the snowmen home they can plant the bulb and it should bloom for Christmas.
we also make sonshine baskets for whoever we know who may need extra care. tonight its a bag for a gal battleing cancer. i make homemade kit socks, my mom makes great cookies and another gal makes hanquilted lap robes, some girls bring lotions, candies nuts teas gift cards ect. these sonshine baskets always bring a smile to the recipiant.
i got my KINDLE FIRE today. im already stumped at the first step hooking up to a network, ill have to ask my firend Fran what she did.
last night was our first book club. we discussed water for elephants gina made dinner i drank too much wine and we decided the next book we will read. for the life of me icant remember i think its the girl with the dragon tatoo. acant remember the authors name. whoops. will figure it out.
gottta go for now and get ready for bible study

Friday, November 18, 2011


i dont know what happens but when i post a pic then i cant write under it.. oh well isnt this cup so cute? its for sale in my etsy shop PLUMKRAZY i think its so cute to fill with lottery tickets, candy, chapsticks ect for a great guy gift.


i wish i could say friday was the beggining of a weekend but for me its not. i work in a grocery store so my schedule varries from week to week.although i do have next saturday off so i can go to the ETSY MAINE TEAM CRAFT SHOW in waterville (thats the sat right after thanksgiving) im looking forward to meeting some of the maine girls on etsy, should be fun!
last night we had dinner with dickie, babe , gina , and curt. then we had dessert at ginas and looked at pictures of their recent vacation to idaho. it was a nice evening together.
im also looking forward to our first bookclub monday night. we will be discussing water for elephants. looking forward to that! we will have it every month.
i am also waiting for my kindle fire!!! so excited to get that. now when im in the car i can listen to a great book. the audios at the library aare limited, so it will be great to have whatever i want availbale. i didnt have an interest in a kindle as i love books. but when i saw the fire with audio i knew i must have it!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

crafty day

as always my ideas are much grander than the actual outcome!!! i made this little snowman pot (painted a face on clay pot) i thought it would be a cute christmas gift with a paper white in it. then i painted some vegetable and spagehtti sauce cans and fillecd with greenery and bent with a hammer i must say i think these are pretty cute!! what do you all think??

Monday, November 14, 2011

fun barter

i love the barters on MJF .. i just recieved some beautiful papers, embellishments and stickers from a swap with a farmgirl.. thanks Julie.. i worked produce today and my back is killing me. time to go put some ben gay and a rice pack on. oh yeah and maybe a glass of wine..

Friday, November 11, 2011


 a huge thank you to all veterans and their families for all the sacrifices you have and continue to make for your country.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

that was wierd

i had to sign off from the last post as i couldnt scroll to keep writting and im such a dummy i cant figure out what to do. so i just started another post.  well gotta go to work so i will sign off for now... have a great day!!!!

How Exciting Another REader

Hi Fox!!! I just noticed that you are reading this blog!! If i remember correctly are you a MJF girl? i have read your blog and love it!!! what a great idea that you gals get together and create! the glitter shells are very cute. heres and idea for you, a while ago i made what i called talking shells. i would cut out a word from a book or magazine like CREATE  paste it on the inside of the shell and then paint over with a clear glittery paint. these would be cute for Christmas sayings too. like JOLLY  MERRY HAPPY ect. they were really cute. feel free to use the idea with your group. let me know if you make some.
I also have to let everyone know that i have bartered 2 of the stamps. so im down to 7 the pheasant and noel pole stamp are gone. i have tons of stamps so if you have something particualr youre interested in let me know.
CURRENTLY READING------ THE BEST OF FRIENDS MARTHA AND ME BY MARIANA PASTERNAK.  this is turning out to be a great read. at the supermarket where i work we have a used book bin and we give money to the uninted way for the books, so im so lucky to have lots of books at my ready.. so anyway i pikced this up the other day, not really expecting too much, but am pleasantly surprised. Mariana is a great writer. i spent a few hours the other day reading (something i havent done in a long time) and im really enjoying it. will let you know how it goes. i miss reading i havent really been able to read too much for years (not enough concentration ) may go into why one of these days.. so anyway im thrilled to be able to spend some quality reading time..
im also almost done with another slipper sock this pair is lime green with a pale purple heel and toe. so that will be pair 4 in my goal of 25 pair this winter.. my mom has a knitting group that knits for charity so i have tons of yarn on hand. the group is so cool they fill huge bags every year with hats gloves mittens scarves and give them to the  schschooschool bus drivers tto hand out to the kids on the bus. isnt that a great idea? whoops im loosing my page i cant make it scroll gotta go

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

rubber stamp barter on MJF

let me try and post pics of the stamps i have for barter over at maryjanes farms yeah!!! it worked. im offering these over at maryjanes farm barter post. let me know if youre interested... i have tons and tons of rubber stamps and stamp and card magazines. im ready to barter if youre interested. thanks cheryl

Sunday, November 6, 2011


sitting here on the computer watching real housewives of atlanta.. worked 10 hours today then met my darling husband at ruthies for a few beers after work. now he didnt want to watch what i want ot on tv so hes upstairs im downstairs wathcing and blogging. i think ill go get my camera and post a pic of some of my handmade socks. heres on pair i have three all knit and one of another set. heres the pics  i guess i need a little work on my photography.. but the socks are darling!!! i plan on making at least 25 pair this winter! gotta go for now, as im enjoying a glass (or two) of wine so will sign off for now till next time.. thanks for reading

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Knitting socks watching bravo artist

knitting a pair of  socks while wathcing bravos next artist.. and getting ready to watch top chef texas. having a glass of white wine, after a bit of a tough day at the office..
gained a pen pal today! very exciting, hoping for some etsy sales. im thinking from nov to dec its a do or die.. gotta pull out all the stops, and put some good stuff up for sale for the holidays.. gotta go

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Planted Egyption onions

today is a beautiful day, the perf day to plant my onion bulbs that Sandy sent me yesterday! thanks Sandy in Idaho... i cant wait to see those spirally crooked little heads popping up in the spring.. Sandy calls them Walking onions.. if you have never seen them theyre very very cute they take on all kinds of wacky shapes and looke great in the garden... i think its thyme to put a few more items on my http:/  so gotta go for now.. talk soon

Monday, October 31, 2011

thanksgiving cards

Hi Connie  What do you think of my handmade thanksgiving cards?? can you see the glitter?? i hate everything i  do so i really need another opinion, and since i only know for sure that youre reading this connie im asking you?? what do you think?
i alos recieved my walking onions ( i call them egyption) from my farmgirl friend today. so i really must plant them tommorow as time is running out here in the far north east to plant... thanks so much for sending them to me... im excited to plant them. i must be sure and mark the area as i know me next spring i will have no idea what is there unless i mark them, as im just starting my garden here in millinocket.
i sent out my swaps magazines today and my etsy sale from the weekend. also my nephews birthday package. my mom made him some cookies and some candy it only cost TWENTY DOLLARS to send it!!! but hes soo worth it.. hes my presh.
i worked from 10 till 6 tonight then it was off to my cousins bible study and home to visit a bit with my husband having a glass of wine , just took my sominex waiting to feel sleepy to get up and do it all again tommorow,,, thanks for reading Connie i hope im not tooooooo boring!!!

Thanksgiving Cards

HI Connie

wow i have someone reading my blog.. im so excited  ... hi Connie do you have a bloog also??? as you must know by now im a computer dummy .. im of to the post office to mail some sales i had over the weekend at plumkrazy.. then its off to work.
i started making a few cards yesterday , but of course i hate everything i make, so at first i didnt really like them, but now therye growing on me. will post a pic when i get out of work today.
i alos have bible study tonight. busy day. will check in later!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

check it out

just wanting to say wont you go on over to etsy and check out the following darling shops
alexis at hugs and stitches is a doll as is nicole at woodstreamdreams
they have both been so helpful to me in my never ending quest to get a clue at computers, and what to do with my online shop... so please go check them out.
that is if anyone is even reading this blog. thanks cheryl

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


i work at a supermarket and i had a cusotmer  a young girl with tow little boys that looked to be twins mayber 2 or 3 years old. while cashing out one little boy said i have to go to the fuc-ing bathroom. the mother was  horrified and said what did you say and the other twin said (loud enough so everyone could hear) he said A HAVE TO GO TO THE FUC-ING BATHROOM.  not funny that little boys that age knew to say that but funny when your a cahiser at a supermarket and lead a fairly boring life.. need less to say she took the to the FUC-ING BATHROOM... 
I had a sale in my etsy shop i had just listed them yesterday they were drawer pulls.. check out my shop for vintagey goodness and fun jungque!!!
well gotta go try and sleep.. i just took some sominex.. i have been on perscription sleeping pills and just figured out that  i am unknowingly eating like apig  undr the influence of these pills... must stop.. hope the sominex works...
if anyone is actually reading this thanks for listning... leave a comment if you like

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vintagey Goodness

hi i just posted some new stuff in my etsy shop PLUMKRAZY wont you go have a look.. im off to work in about an hour, thinking of walking if wheather holds out..i also finished knitting a pair of slipper socks last night, i need to get my pile back up. with my hotflashes i just cant knit in the summer, so now i have to catch up... im also starting tho think of making some ornaments for Christmas. although i must say having Christmas commercials and goods in the stores this early really annoys me. lets all remember Christmas is about the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.  i do love giving little gifts but really mostly enjoy the love and fellowship of the sesaon... i try to make my gifts and put thought and love into them. i DO NOT complain that i havent gotten anything done or how fast the days are going by because i just  love the season.. its not about the stores and advertizing its about our love for Christ. ok ill stop rambling now.
ive really got to get myself a space to create in soon. all my stuff is scattered all over the place... ive just got to get into the mood to do it... will that ever come??? hopefully .
take a look at my funky lamp by my bed. i love lampshades so i thought why not have ore than one! what do you thnik??? cute right???

funky Lamp shades

whoops a little blurry but im very new to even posting pics... so just to say i love lampshades and decided not to limit myself to one so i layered my shades... LOVE IT..
i also wanted to say go on over to my etsy shop PLUMKRAZY and check out my new listings... some sweet vintagey goodness...
i also have to say im seeing Christmas commercials and good in the stores, this really annoys me... i love the Christmas Season but the real meaning is put aside with all this commercialism. lets remember Christmas is about celebrating our LORD JESUS CHRISTS birth.. thats the reason for the season.
also i dont like it when people spend too much and put themselves in finanical trouble to buy gifts...  it is out of hand.. i ove the fellowship with friends and family and great handmade gifts...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

new truck

my husband bought a new truck yesterday!! im so glad he deserves something nice for himself. he does so much for everyone else, he is always the first one to lend a helping hand. he is so sweet! after buying the truck we rode by a yard sale sign. i knew that was a good thing so we stopped. it was great and i picked up some really cute stuff. and when we were leaving the woman gave us little angel coins and we put two in the truck. when God is your co-pilot you really cant go wrong.  i even made a few little children scrapbook kits they are quite cute! a great stocking stuffer for little girls. i will run it by my friend jennefer who has two little girls and see what she thinks.. her girls are sooo presh i call them the spice girls one and two. will post some pics later.. its off to work in an hour so gotta go. thanks for reading. is anyone reading??? please feel free to contact me and let me know i would love it!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

my newest trick

pretty good  i had some help from vintages50streasures on etsy telling me how to copy and paste something maybe that is how i link up with someone??? not sure  is anyone reading this blog??? probably not im toooo boring... well gotta go to read someones blog whos interesting.....

plumkrazy see my newest listing arent these darling??? what a riot

Friday, October 7, 2011

back to work

going back today.. feel better still not 100% but enough to go ... have i mentioned my new obsession pinterest??/ oh my you must chek it out.. PINTEREST im still trying to figure out how to use it but its fab... i am so booring.....  anyway last night i started making little handmade notebooks. im thinking i will give them a theme for Christmas gifts... just cute little thought provolking books that the reciever should enjoy . whoops gotta go

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Im Upright

today im fleeling a bit better. though not 100 percent.. as soon as i get too active im coughing up a lung!! it does feel good to be moving about but will be glad to get back to as normal as i can be..
i did put some more stuff in my etsy shop today.. i had thsese really cool butoon lots i had found at an estate sale in vermont. one of the lots had a locket with a vintage photo of a couple in it.. very very cool. you can let your imagination take you away wondering who these people are where do they live what is their story??/ are they still alive were they in love?? are they still what heartache have they suffered in their life when in that photo they seemed so happy??? what crewl tricks did life play on them?? anyway im getting a bit depressing i should also wonder what joys they had in their lives as well.
heres a photo oh poopey its blurry let me try to find a clearer one. well maybe later sorry for the poor pics. but of course you can go to plumkrazyetsy and check out my lisitngs..
my very good friend fran is at the hospital with her very ill sister nancy. i am thinking and praying for them lots. im hoping nancy will be able to come out of this and her and fran can maybe repair some of the past issues they have had.
well gotta go for now and let my friend gina know my schedule for next week, so maybe we can have our book club. we read water for elephants great read if youre interested.. bye for now

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

check It Out

i cant believe it did it... if anyone out there knows how i can move the wording so tis centered id love to know.. this is about all my brain can handle in one day.. i love the new header. let me know what you think. leave me a comment. thanks

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


im listning to my husband say i told you so he is alsways after me to get a flu shot.. well i havent gotten it yet (its barely october) and now im sick sick sick... i thought it was just a cold but im thinking its worse than that.. dying... anyway i wanted to post because im so dissapointed when i go to my fave blogs and they havent posted anything.. not that anyone is following this.. but just in case...
i had another sale on my etsy shop now that ive joined the Mary Jane Farm Girl etsy Team
Whoops this isnt what sold but im glad i put this on for you to see,  these are absolutley darling little aspirin bottles with vintage beads in them.... soooo very cute. i love just looking at them.. check out my plumkrazy etsy shop.. lets see what else do i have there
these are the button si just sold to woodstreamdream (Nicole).. go chek out her fabulous shop as well,,,, thanks nicole
gotta go for now as im getting flu tired... bye

Friday, September 30, 2011

friday sept 30th

i worked in bangor today.. good group of people.. im looking at a lot of early mornings this week.. tired just thinking about it..  fall is in the air and im hoping foe a decent winter. im hoping to get a little more interesting soon so keep with me.. and check out plumkrazyetsy

Thursday, September 29, 2011

good morning  having my coffee getting myself ready for another work day. im dreading seeing winter come but thats right up there with death and taxes.. i wish i could get myself together enough to start making some cards.. i love working with paper... i just cant see, to get out of my own way.. could it be age?? no i think im just lazy..  i know that im boring so i sahll sign off for now..

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bear with me

how about this cool old antique car!!! i had to stop and click some photos..

Type Set Blocks

arent these so cool???? i have them listed on my etsy shop (plumkrazy) i have these plus lots of other ones. let me know if you would like to purchase (or barter) some..  they would make really cool necklaces or pins ... very very cool items.

Check These Out

Hi I posted some of my vintage type set lead blockson my etsy shop plumkrazy. i have quite a few of them so if youre interested let me know.. i alos have some pics from my machias trip ... i worked over there for a couple of days this week. and got the recipie for a BLUEBERRY COSMO from the owner of Helens Resteraunt.... sooooooooooooo delish 2oz absolute vodka( i blought blueberry vodka) 2oz vermouth 2 oz Wymanns blueberry juice and a daash of fresh lime. dellish.. there is some debate on if this is a cosmo or martini but at Helens its a cosomo so thats what i call it.. try it its sooooooooo delish.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

please help

i would love it if any of you would comment on my blog,,, im not even sure anyopne can seee ti plesae feel free to commenat,, thanks


'thanks so much Brian for adding me on the blog list... im so new at this blogging thing i have no idea what im doing,, but i do so love to check out other gals blogs ans see what hteir brillinat minds are up to,,, i learn so much from everyonw. im going to bed early tonight as i have to go out of town for a couple of days for work,, wheni get back i am giong to go to work on a line of note cards that i hope to sell at my friends very chic salon,,, she is a ver talented hairdesigner and sooo funny,, i think if i sell cards at her shop it would be so purf

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spelling (or lack of)

wow im a horriblespeller.... (could be the pino grigio) i will be trying spell check from now on... i sold a beautiful old dresser today. we (hubby and i ) are almost hoarders, who am i kidding we ARE hoarders,, we are now trying to get our garage cleaned out so mom can get her car in this winter. for the past few months we have called it the Loco Lounge. so it was good to make a tiny bit more space. the room we are remodling for my mom is almost done. mike pained trim today the carpenter finishes tommorow  then  some heat and she can move downstairs. shes getting too old to climb stairs so this is a great move. i used some kilz it on some water sopts on the bathroom ceiling, washed windows and puttered around a bit. i just plastered ben gay on my perpetually sore back and now im having massive hot flases from menopause ben gay and the laptop. heelp. im going to try and put my blog on maryjanes fram blog roll. lets see if i can make it happen. thanks for reading ..

Sunday, September 18, 2011

im still excited to learn this blogging thisng!!! i cant wait o take pics and start a video journal of the boring days of my life, i have lot to say lots of interest and hiow to learn lots of new things friom you people reading my blogs. my favorite is of course selling fun vintage pieces i know otherw will love as i have... and just sharing with each ohter the fabulous ideas we come up with everyday.. im going to bar harbor to work for a couple day tommoro and them im off to machis for a couple of days,,, look forward to it!!! cant wati to see my friend donny!! hoping for a good week and some etsy sales,, let me klnow what you think of my blog thanks for reading

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Check out my Etsy Shop!
hi eveyone  now im changing my font style   I AM ON A ROLL.... I am figuring all kinds of stuff out.. how am i doing this??? will i remember tommorow??? who knows.. i also figured out how to underline.. oh and maybe how to cross something out!!!. Im really thinking im hot stuff now!!! etsyplumkrazy. lets see if it works
hi checking to font
Hey everyone check this out!! this is the cute little funky cup i got today while junking.. i cant believe im figuring out how to post pics.. my next goal is to be able to Link... oh yeah along with loosing twenty pounds .. stay tuned for ome boring updates as i figure out how to get through and learn how to blog..

New Listing

Hi Everyone  I just listed a really cute coffee cup on my etsy shop (plumkrazy) check it out.. very very cute for a "guy gift".. i found it today in my travels with my precious nephew and his adorable girlfriend.. We did a bit of junking together, i also bought a few books...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I actually added a background to my blog... now i have a major headache( must take a bayer aspirin).. i will keep trying to figure out how to do more stuff.. dont forget to go to my etsy shop PLUMKRAZY for some cute vintagey goodness

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Well I guess I figured out how to post?? Not completely sure what Im doing yet. Im hoping you will go over to my Etsy shop PLUMKRAZY and check out some of the stuff I have for sale.. My new goal is to post daily on my blog and to list much more stuff in my Etsy Shop.. I also hope to learn many more manuvers like posting pics ect.. I think Ill try to figure some things out now.


im having problems posting so im testing