Friday, September 30, 2011

friday sept 30th

i worked in bangor today.. good group of people.. im looking at a lot of early mornings this week.. tired just thinking about it..  fall is in the air and im hoping foe a decent winter. im hoping to get a little more interesting soon so keep with me.. and check out plumkrazyetsy

Thursday, September 29, 2011

good morning  having my coffee getting myself ready for another work day. im dreading seeing winter come but thats right up there with death and taxes.. i wish i could get myself together enough to start making some cards.. i love working with paper... i just cant see, to get out of my own way.. could it be age?? no i think im just lazy..  i know that im boring so i sahll sign off for now..

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bear with me

how about this cool old antique car!!! i had to stop and click some photos..

Type Set Blocks

arent these so cool???? i have them listed on my etsy shop (plumkrazy) i have these plus lots of other ones. let me know if you would like to purchase (or barter) some..  they would make really cool necklaces or pins ... very very cool items.

Check These Out

Hi I posted some of my vintage type set lead blockson my etsy shop plumkrazy. i have quite a few of them so if youre interested let me know.. i alos have some pics from my machias trip ... i worked over there for a couple of days this week. and got the recipie for a BLUEBERRY COSMO from the owner of Helens Resteraunt.... sooooooooooooo delish 2oz absolute vodka( i blought blueberry vodka) 2oz vermouth 2 oz Wymanns blueberry juice and a daash of fresh lime. dellish.. there is some debate on if this is a cosmo or martini but at Helens its a cosomo so thats what i call it.. try it its sooooooooo delish.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

please help

i would love it if any of you would comment on my blog,,, im not even sure anyopne can seee ti plesae feel free to commenat,, thanks


'thanks so much Brian for adding me on the blog list... im so new at this blogging thing i have no idea what im doing,, but i do so love to check out other gals blogs ans see what hteir brillinat minds are up to,,, i learn so much from everyonw. im going to bed early tonight as i have to go out of town for a couple of days for work,, wheni get back i am giong to go to work on a line of note cards that i hope to sell at my friends very chic salon,,, she is a ver talented hairdesigner and sooo funny,, i think if i sell cards at her shop it would be so purf

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spelling (or lack of)

wow im a horriblespeller.... (could be the pino grigio) i will be trying spell check from now on... i sold a beautiful old dresser today. we (hubby and i ) are almost hoarders, who am i kidding we ARE hoarders,, we are now trying to get our garage cleaned out so mom can get her car in this winter. for the past few months we have called it the Loco Lounge. so it was good to make a tiny bit more space. the room we are remodling for my mom is almost done. mike pained trim today the carpenter finishes tommorow  then  some heat and she can move downstairs. shes getting too old to climb stairs so this is a great move. i used some kilz it on some water sopts on the bathroom ceiling, washed windows and puttered around a bit. i just plastered ben gay on my perpetually sore back and now im having massive hot flases from menopause ben gay and the laptop. heelp. im going to try and put my blog on maryjanes fram blog roll. lets see if i can make it happen. thanks for reading ..

Sunday, September 18, 2011

im still excited to learn this blogging thisng!!! i cant wait o take pics and start a video journal of the boring days of my life, i have lot to say lots of interest and hiow to learn lots of new things friom you people reading my blogs. my favorite is of course selling fun vintage pieces i know otherw will love as i have... and just sharing with each ohter the fabulous ideas we come up with everyday.. im going to bar harbor to work for a couple day tommoro and them im off to machis for a couple of days,,, look forward to it!!! cant wati to see my friend donny!! hoping for a good week and some etsy sales,, let me klnow what you think of my blog thanks for reading

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Check out my Etsy Shop!
hi eveyone  now im changing my font style   I AM ON A ROLL.... I am figuring all kinds of stuff out.. how am i doing this??? will i remember tommorow??? who knows.. i also figured out how to underline.. oh and maybe how to cross something out!!!. Im really thinking im hot stuff now!!! etsyplumkrazy. lets see if it works
hi checking to font
Hey everyone check this out!! this is the cute little funky cup i got today while junking.. i cant believe im figuring out how to post pics.. my next goal is to be able to Link... oh yeah along with loosing twenty pounds .. stay tuned for ome boring updates as i figure out how to get through and learn how to blog..

New Listing

Hi Everyone  I just listed a really cute coffee cup on my etsy shop (plumkrazy) check it out.. very very cute for a "guy gift".. i found it today in my travels with my precious nephew and his adorable girlfriend.. We did a bit of junking together, i also bought a few books...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I actually added a background to my blog... now i have a major headache( must take a bayer aspirin).. i will keep trying to figure out how to do more stuff.. dont forget to go to my etsy shop PLUMKRAZY for some cute vintagey goodness

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Well I guess I figured out how to post?? Not completely sure what Im doing yet. Im hoping you will go over to my Etsy shop PLUMKRAZY and check out some of the stuff I have for sale.. My new goal is to post daily on my blog and to list much more stuff in my Etsy Shop.. I also hope to learn many more manuvers like posting pics ect.. I think Ill try to figure some things out now.


im having problems posting so im testing