Thursday, May 1, 2014

Still May Day

me again im too much of a dum dum to figure out how to keep typing after I post a pic so I have to create another post . I wanted to show you the darling picture I found at the estate sale. I will post it at the end of the post (because of the pic)..
I just made parmesan chicken and pasta for dinner , with apple crisp and vanilla bean yogurt for dessert. yummy if I do say so myself..  You cant beat the internet for great recipies.. delish..
I decided not to put my stuff in the shop downtown, because I went there twice yesterday and no - one was around, and I went back today the day it was supposed to open, and there was nothing going on.. glad I decided not to.. hey I think I just figured out how to post and keep typing!!!! heres a close up of her sweet little face. isn't she precious? I love her.. shes looking at the bird on a tree branch. I don't know when or who painted her, but love her.. Guess that's all for today. would love it if you left me a comment so I can know if anyone is reading me! thanks cheryl

May Day

Im not sure how many of you have ever heard of May Day, but its a big deal here in Maine or I should say it used to be. On the first day of may you hang a maybasket filled with goodies on a loved ones door. very very sweet, well of course my mother still does this! She makes over one hundred every year. She folds tissue paper and fills with candy. she was out today delivering them. heres one of her may baskets isn't it cute? picture coming home and finding this hanging on your door. a very sweet tradition for sure.. Let me know how many of you have heard of may day.