Saturday, March 31, 2012

Last Day of March

Hooray!!!! Saying goodbye to the last day of march... march is my most dreaded month on the calender... although this march was unseasonably warm, so it wasnt as bad a previous years... anyway, im hoping to find some energy and get out and start a daily walking routine..  I am going to meet my bestie friend karyn at 4:00 for an early dinner efore she goes back to NH... it will be great to visit with her, its always too long between our visits.  I put some new items in my ETSY shop today also if you want to take a look. Im selling some of my Grandmothers handcrochet doilies... I can  still see her sitting there not even looking at her hands and producing beautiful patterns,,, time to share with ohter,,,.... i also have a Pampered Chef Final Edition Patriot Heart Stoneware for sale .. I couldnt put it on ETSY as it didnt meet the requirements. its a 2005 dated piece. heres a pic if youre interested email me .. im asking 15.00  please e-mail if you,re interested..  Im off to price some more items for my little space at Wiggy

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Shopping Discount

Hi All,   if you would like to go on over to my etsy shop Plumkrazy, i am offering a 10 percent discount with the coupon code marchdiscount1959. hope you see something you like.. thanks for looking!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Heres a Look

here are a few pics of our space at the trash to treasure sale and some of the fab finds. whoops ones a bit blurry sorry...can you see the button covered dress form in the first pic? her name is matilda and she was a big hit. check out the stained glass lamp!!!! a FAB find to put in the garage can  you believe it was ONE DOLLAR... it does have one pane of glass missing but i can have that fixed..  isnt is wonderful?? anf then is the pic of the twig tables we bought at a moving sale last week.. on top is the shopping cart i should use when i shop!! haha. cant wait for the next sale... what do you all think of my finds?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Love Houlton

we had a great weekend at the roller rama!! we enjoyed ourselves and really met a lot of nice people.. who knew houlton would be such a great junkhaven.. one of my fave people i met is Dinah the fresh egg lady, and fellow button lover!! HI DINAH... so we came home sat  outside for a while enjoyed a few cocktails and now in bed watching tv back to wirk tommorow. poopers... on well gotta go. so oh yes i now have a small space at WIGGYS TRADING POST in HOULTON MAINE... thought id try it for a few months and see what happens... i just cant help myself... will try to post photos of the sale really soon, just pretty tired from all the action of the weekend.. stay tuned i may be getting ready for a giveaway coming soon. thanks for reading..

Saturday, March 17, 2012


HAD A good day today at the trash to treasure sale.. didnt sleep ONE WINK last night. up at 5 and out at 6. got to Houlton set up our booth (and shopped )of course.. I bought a great western flyer red wagon, and a set of moose dishes.. the big hit in my booht were the redneck wineglasses. our friends Patty and Dale came up and spent the day with us then we went for a seafood dinner.. a great day, we really enjoy Patty and Dales company!  I sold quite a bit, will have a dollar table tommorow to get rid of some stuff ive had for a while. hopefully other vendors will be bringing in more stuff!!! just what i need.. oh well its the thrill of the hunt..  will try to take some photots tommorow for you.. godd night.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I would love some comments

hi all you fabulous people who have actually been readain g my blog!!! i promise you it will get more interestiong!!! im workin g a lot this week  , but have the next few days to start getting geared up for the  FESTIVAL AT THE ROLLER RAMA IN NHOULTON MAINE FROM 9AM TO WHENVER SATURDAY AND SUNDAY... we can all connect with ohter mjunk lovers in the northern territory

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dress Forms

Mike and i went ot the auction tday. it was fab.. i walk in and what is the first thing i see??? thats right vintage dress forms!!!! ive always kicked myself for selling the one i had you can bet i wont sell this one.. maybe the small ones... not sure -- take a look. whoops they look a little blury lets see if the other ones are better. yes thats better. how freaking fabulous are these??????? the one with the metal cage on the bottom and the wooden spool top will be mine forever i love her... thisk i will call her Matilda. the other one is covered in vintage buttons. i may sell her not sure yet. and the samll black one is very victorian. and the other bust is in great shape. and check out the fab vintage mirror in the back.. will look cute in our garage The Loco Lounge.. I cant wait for warmer weather so we can get out there and get my little summer selling shop set up. and mkie and i like to sit out there and have cocktails and many people who dirve by stop in and visit with us.
i will be wroking for the next four or five days and then i have four days in a row off!!!! i will be selling at the HOULTON ROLLER RAMA on Route 1 in Houlton Maine on the 17th and 18th.. looking forward to it, not sure what kind of a crowd will be there, but will be fun anyway..
im just so excited with my new Matilda..... Love her.. take care all

Friday, March 9, 2012


hi all  hubby and i went for a ride today and came across some good junk and a great yard sale.. i found some glass candle holders to make more redneck wineglasses, and some really really nice handmade twig tables.. the young couple having the sale were pastors and they were relocating to kansas. he made the tables,, they are tottally fab. this will be a good weekeend for junk as we are going to an auction tommorow.. YIPPEEE.... so much junk so little time... anyway hope to get some good stuff at the auction.

last night we went ot our fave resteraunt RUTHIES, had sandwhiches and a few drinks. its been a good weekend so far.. i also listed some more items in my Etsy shop.Im sorry i cant figure out how to post a picture with the caption under it..
So check out the top photo. those are a set of five escargo holders. when was the last time you saw those? or ate snails for that matter!!  and how cute is the little vintage purse? yes i think summer will come again.
gotta go for now , will check in tommorow after the auciton.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Recycled Magnets

Hi all  I made some cute magnets and listed them in my etsy store today. heres what they llok like. And i also have a pic of my new redneck wineglasses.. i also put out an APB to everyone on MJF forums , that if you have any of the glass candlestick holders that i used for the base of the glasses,please contact me and we can barter or i will buy them from you. i used to see them everywhere and now that i want some i cant find any. thanks. My husband and i went out to lunch today ( i wanted to go skiing ,but i havent been spending much time with him lately) so i decided to go for a ride with him insteaad. and of course my firend Kara came by this morning and gave me a computer lesson.. so i can now pin cool stuff on my pinterest boards.. fun fun.. Im also still getting ready for the big trash to treasure sale in houlton the 17 and 18th of march. heres a couple of cool items i will be selling. isnt this hairdryer fab?? it is brand new!!! and of course i looooovvvee the old typewriter.
gotta run we have our cousins Bible Study tonight..

sorry my first name is really cheryl

my friend Kara is here teaching me how to pin and i jsut showed her my post of shattered dream. and she remarked that i wrote not once but twice that my first name is keyes,,, whoopsie sorry all my LAST name is keyes. fell better now Kara???

Monday, March 5, 2012

Information Please

Hi LADY IN RED.. would you please e-mail me your name and mailing address, and i will send your cards to you tommorow.. thanks for reading ..


And the winner is!! ta ta la da   Lady In Red .. I put the names in a hat and had my husband pick it out.... thanks to all of you who commented and are reading my blog! I had so much fun doing this i will be doing another one pretty soon.
I am off tommorow , and will be starting my day off with a friend from work coming over to explain to me how to pin stuff on pinterest. then i will go cross country skiing and top the night off at my cousins Bible study tommorow night..
Did i mention my moms friend gave me a bunch of buttons from her collection??? very fabulous..  have a great night everyone.

RedNeck Wine Glasses & Drawing for Notecards

heres a look at my redneck wine glasses.. and i just made another pair from differnet jars that are very cute , but the glue isnt dried yet , will post when ready.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Thans Everyone

Hi All, Thanks for all of your sweet comments on my recent post. I need to keep my brothers memory alive, and all of you were so sweet to comment and appreciate it.
Don't forget to sign up for the giveaway tommorow night.
Im working on a handmade project for my MJF secret sister. And i also just made some redneck wineglasses.. what a hoot...will take a pic of them tommorow they are quite cute, im too tired tonight to go get my camera and take apic. i had one too many cosmos at a friends party last night and had to work all day today so im dying ... im already in bed with my laptop, and dont plan on moving!!! pretty sad, but true.
Also i would love to say Hello and thanks to the two new people following me!!! Thats quite exciting.. thanks all and will anounce the winner of the giveaway tommorw evening. have a great night.

Friday, March 2, 2012

pieces of a shattered dream dave michaud

im hoping you can see this piece  i was in houlton shopping in ginas shop. for some time i had wanteed to find just the right vessel to fill with my brother Daves ashes. but i also wanted to say more. my nephew had made a cd calle pieces of a shattered dream! as i went ot the craqsh site and saw pieces of my brothers plane the smell of gas and oil pieces of metal and shards of glass. i knew i had to have a piece of the windshield. i packaged some debrie an d packaged it and mailed it backt0vermont. Gina from ginas shop in houlton UYOU MUST GO CHECK IT OUT  I FOUND A PIECE SHE HAD ON A NECKLACE A SMALL SALT SHAKER,, PERFECT, so since my lst name is keyes i thought i would add a skeleaton key, fill the salt shaker with daves remains. so sorry brub , but i filled the salt shaker with some of your ashes ans added xsome beads,a key(my lst name is keyes) i ran wire around a piece of glass that i gathered at your crash site in riolinda and added a heart  that say made with love, i call this piece of jewelry


Pictures of Giveaway

Hi im such a dummy here is a pic of the notecards im giving away


Hi All,, i have decided i should do a giveaway here on my blog. To those of you who have been reading the blog i wanted to give a little something.. these notecads are handmade by me. they are about 4x3. they come in a little clear cellephane envelope that you can actually mail them in.. I will draw a name on Monday March 5.. Im excited good luck to all. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think of my blog. thanks so much cheryl.. p.s i just listed some items in my etsy shop plumkrazy go ahead and take a look.