Sunday, November 25, 2012

Love this time of year

thanksgiving was a wonderful day it was spent with my loved ones.. my cousin Helen has terminal cancer and she said grace and how thankful she is to our Lord for all the wonderful things he does for all of us.. its so amazing to see how much she loves God. i am striving to get to that point in my life.  i have a long way to go.. will continue to work on that.. i spent yesterday shopping! a great day. i shopped for over 12 hours, but really go some great gifts that i know are perf for the people i got them for,, love that.. although it was very bittersweet, as this time of year my brother Dave always called asking  for everyones list. he loved to shop for us all and loved getting the perfect gift, and enjoyed it like i do. so yesterday (as always) my thoughts were of Dave. the best big brother anyone could ask for.. i miss him soooo much,. and gireve daily for all he is missing and all of us missing him.. so very diffiucult.. you are missed sooo much Dave..  and my Dad is gone and we are all missing him and life will never be the same. all the more reason to read Gods word, to try and find some solace and comfort there.  i will be listin more items this week in my etsy sotre and getting ready for Christmas... and remembering that this means celebrating the birth of Christ, whom we all must praise and love with all that we have always.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fabulous Christmas Gifts

These REDNECK WINEGLASSES are the perfect gift this season!! I just did a craft fair in ellsworth and got lots of great comments on them.. These are a gift for anyone! I have these listed in my etsy shop, and also have lots available if you want to just e-mail me.. These  VINTAGE TEA CUP CANDLES are alos great gifts.. so very sweet, i have several of these as well... So let me know if youre interested and i can ship some out to you..  Got to get ready for work will write more later.