Saturday, August 25, 2012

Button Braclets and Red Houses

sorry the pictures of the braclets sucks.. becuase they are DARLING!!! im loving making these.. i have enough vintage buttons to fill a volkswagon, so i thought this would be a really fun thing to do with them.. ive sold three already!! the picture doesnt do them justice you really have to see them on nd up close to see how cute they are. 
and i just had to post the pic of my 91 little red houses,,, arent they fun??? i just listed them in my etsy shop, they would make really cute jelwelry..
i will be working in bar harbor for the next two months starting next week.. i hope my hotel has a gym and a pool.. i plan on working out and swimming.. and reading!!! and working!!  gotta go for now i still have lots and lots to do.. oh yes i also made some more delish fresh tomatoe and garlic sausse today to freeze.. and i froze some grated zuccini from my garden for muffins and breads this winter,.,. bye for now

Monday, August 20, 2012

Cups & Saucers

Look at these adorable cups & saucers that i found at a yard sale this week. i just put them in my etsy shop .. also today i made a DELISH sauce with my home grown tomatoes.. i simply cooked the tomaotes with some fresh garlic , salt and pepper, and some tomatoe paste... YUMMY..  gotta go im tired, hope to post more in the next couple of days..

Thursday, August 16, 2012


 check out the blueberries sally and i picked t McNallys farm in Patten Maine.. we really had a good time .. i plan on making jam and sally gve them to her sister in law as she was staying at her camp.. We had such a nice visit. I didnt realize how much i missed sally until she came to visit for a couple of days! she is such  sweet kind hearted friend. we had lunch at a local resteraunt , shopped at some thrift shops, went to bible study and had hppy hour in the loco lounge. i was sad to see her go. her life is so lonely and sad i wish i could mke it better for her, but of course i cant. she does have The Lord, and im so thnkful for that. she is very faithful and loves God. thank you Lord for getting her through the hard times. i will go to vermont at Christmas time for a visit with her.. and check out my few little veggies from my garden.. cute little tomatoes  hot pepper and a perf zuchinii.. mike and i went to a local resteraunt for dinner tonight hd a few drinks now im reallyh looking forward to a great nights sleep.. God willing..
HI Connie, thanks for joing plumkrazy, I'm happy to see you here and hope you enjoy my little ramblings. cheryl

Monday, August 13, 2012

Bad Hair Day!!

check out my fun plant called 'BAD HAIR DAY"  love it.. In case you're wondering its the funky one in the two tiered wire holder,,,
Gotta go get ready for work, and im picking up my friend sally tommorwo she is visiting me from vermont.. i look forward to spending a couple of days with her.. will be fun, i will write about it wednesday evening!!! thanks for reading.

Ceramic Whistles

How freaking cute are these??? I found these at a humane society yard sale.. I just love them....  Aren't they the 'TWEETEST' little birds youv'e ever seen?? I love them... I think they are a canary, a fish and a kitty... so tweet...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Does anyone Have any ideas for me??

i love that you all are following me! i would love it so much if you wrote me a comment once in a while of thigns you would like to see on my blog or things i could write about.. if anyone reads this blog and can pass on an idea of how i can make it more fun i would love it!!! i may even sen you a little something!!!! try and take some time to jot me a note if you could! thanks my loyal followers... i just did cheers with a limearita!!!!