Sunday, November 27, 2011

vintage jewles

heres some of the jewles

hi again  im still trying to figure this out.. here is the link to my etsy shop go check it out some great gift ideas for the jewelry lover. it was quite interesting. this guy that i buy stuff from called and said he had some jewelry for sale, so i went over to check it out. he told me that his wife died in april . i was stunned i had no idea. he said they were togehter foor 44 years!!! wow the grief is immense. i sat and talked to him for quite a while and learned some very interesting stuff. i think he nedded to talk to someone, and knew i would listen. i am well versed in grief as i have suffred many many loses of loved ones myself. i felt good to be able to sit and lisstedn to him.  another chapter to add to my grief book. as sad as that is i feel fortunate to be able to listen , understand and pass these precious pieces of jewlery onto other who will love and enjoy them as much as the person who had them before did. its a good feeling to pass these loved pieces and memories onto others.
yesterday my firend and i went to a craft fair. it was really nice lots of girls from the maine etsy team there.. they all had beautiful wares to offer. we went ot a few shops after, had lunch on the bangor waterfron, and i bought a price club membership for my husband and i ... he had been wanting to and i kept saying its a waste of money, so for a surprise i bought us the membership and gave him the card when i came home. hes quite pleased with it.
this afternoon i am listing on etsy (charging my camera battery right now) will raad some knit some surf some net and hopefully ok i will get on my treadmill for about a half an hour.. tootle for now


yes i have gone PLUMKRAZY... i bought a bunch of jewelry today at an estate sale. some FABULOUS stuff. i put it all in my etsy shop PLUMKRAZY and added FREE SHIPPING on all the jewels i just listed. they are all quite lovely. wont you go check it out??


Thursday, November 24, 2011


i hope everyone has a wonderful day today. and i also hope that we all take some time to really count all of the blessings we recieve form God everyday. i am thankful that i have a wonderful family to celebrate this day of thanks with. in this crazy world today im thankful to have a home that is warm, people i love, and my health. ive been very fortunate to have family and friends and a job . its the simple things that so many people are not fortunate enough to have that we need to be thankful for. enough of my rambling. i will be making some homemade fresh cranberry sauce and some yummy applesauce for dinner at my cousin helens.
 we had our first snowstorm yesterday ... im looking forward to saturday when my maine etsy team is having a craft fair in waterville , my friend fran and i are going and will make a day of it.. alos swirling around in my brain are some great christmas ornaments i plan on making soon, stay tuned,

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


look at these cute little guys!!! they are waiting to go to bible study with me tonight. i cant remember if i mentioned before that on tuesday nights my mother myself and nine of my cousins have bible study. my mother being the aunt leads the study. we have been meeting for over a year now and we all love it. anyway i painted these guys and put some potting soil and some paperwhite bulbs in a nice cellophane bag tied with a ribbon. when they get the snowmen home they can plant the bulb and it should bloom for Christmas.
we also make sonshine baskets for whoever we know who may need extra care. tonight its a bag for a gal battleing cancer. i make homemade kit socks, my mom makes great cookies and another gal makes hanquilted lap robes, some girls bring lotions, candies nuts teas gift cards ect. these sonshine baskets always bring a smile to the recipiant.
i got my KINDLE FIRE today. im already stumped at the first step hooking up to a network, ill have to ask my firend Fran what she did.
last night was our first book club. we discussed water for elephants gina made dinner i drank too much wine and we decided the next book we will read. for the life of me icant remember i think its the girl with the dragon tatoo. acant remember the authors name. whoops. will figure it out.
gottta go for now and get ready for bible study

Friday, November 18, 2011


i dont know what happens but when i post a pic then i cant write under it.. oh well isnt this cup so cute? its for sale in my etsy shop PLUMKRAZY i think its so cute to fill with lottery tickets, candy, chapsticks ect for a great guy gift.


i wish i could say friday was the beggining of a weekend but for me its not. i work in a grocery store so my schedule varries from week to week.although i do have next saturday off so i can go to the ETSY MAINE TEAM CRAFT SHOW in waterville (thats the sat right after thanksgiving) im looking forward to meeting some of the maine girls on etsy, should be fun!
last night we had dinner with dickie, babe , gina , and curt. then we had dessert at ginas and looked at pictures of their recent vacation to idaho. it was a nice evening together.
im also looking forward to our first bookclub monday night. we will be discussing water for elephants. looking forward to that! we will have it every month.
i am also waiting for my kindle fire!!! so excited to get that. now when im in the car i can listen to a great book. the audios at the library aare limited, so it will be great to have whatever i want availbale. i didnt have an interest in a kindle as i love books. but when i saw the fire with audio i knew i must have it!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

crafty day

as always my ideas are much grander than the actual outcome!!! i made this little snowman pot (painted a face on clay pot) i thought it would be a cute christmas gift with a paper white in it. then i painted some vegetable and spagehtti sauce cans and fillecd with greenery and bent with a hammer i must say i think these are pretty cute!! what do you all think??

Monday, November 14, 2011

fun barter

i love the barters on MJF .. i just recieved some beautiful papers, embellishments and stickers from a swap with a farmgirl.. thanks Julie.. i worked produce today and my back is killing me. time to go put some ben gay and a rice pack on. oh yeah and maybe a glass of wine..

Friday, November 11, 2011


 a huge thank you to all veterans and their families for all the sacrifices you have and continue to make for your country.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

that was wierd

i had to sign off from the last post as i couldnt scroll to keep writting and im such a dummy i cant figure out what to do. so i just started another post.  well gotta go to work so i will sign off for now... have a great day!!!!

How Exciting Another REader

Hi Fox!!! I just noticed that you are reading this blog!! If i remember correctly are you a MJF girl? i have read your blog and love it!!! what a great idea that you gals get together and create! the glitter shells are very cute. heres and idea for you, a while ago i made what i called talking shells. i would cut out a word from a book or magazine like CREATE  paste it on the inside of the shell and then paint over with a clear glittery paint. these would be cute for Christmas sayings too. like JOLLY  MERRY HAPPY ect. they were really cute. feel free to use the idea with your group. let me know if you make some.
I also have to let everyone know that i have bartered 2 of the stamps. so im down to 7 the pheasant and noel pole stamp are gone. i have tons of stamps so if you have something particualr youre interested in let me know.
CURRENTLY READING------ THE BEST OF FRIENDS MARTHA AND ME BY MARIANA PASTERNAK.  this is turning out to be a great read. at the supermarket where i work we have a used book bin and we give money to the uninted way for the books, so im so lucky to have lots of books at my ready.. so anyway i pikced this up the other day, not really expecting too much, but am pleasantly surprised. Mariana is a great writer. i spent a few hours the other day reading (something i havent done in a long time) and im really enjoying it. will let you know how it goes. i miss reading i havent really been able to read too much for years (not enough concentration ) may go into why one of these days.. so anyway im thrilled to be able to spend some quality reading time..
im also almost done with another slipper sock this pair is lime green with a pale purple heel and toe. so that will be pair 4 in my goal of 25 pair this winter.. my mom has a knitting group that knits for charity so i have tons of yarn on hand. the group is so cool they fill huge bags every year with hats gloves mittens scarves and give them to the  schschooschool bus drivers tto hand out to the kids on the bus. isnt that a great idea? whoops im loosing my page i cant make it scroll gotta go

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

rubber stamp barter on MJF

let me try and post pics of the stamps i have for barter over at maryjanes farms yeah!!! it worked. im offering these over at maryjanes farm barter post. let me know if youre interested... i have tons and tons of rubber stamps and stamp and card magazines. im ready to barter if youre interested. thanks cheryl

Sunday, November 6, 2011


sitting here on the computer watching real housewives of atlanta.. worked 10 hours today then met my darling husband at ruthies for a few beers after work. now he didnt want to watch what i want ot on tv so hes upstairs im downstairs wathcing and blogging. i think ill go get my camera and post a pic of some of my handmade socks. heres on pair i have three all knit and one of another set. heres the pics  i guess i need a little work on my photography.. but the socks are darling!!! i plan on making at least 25 pair this winter! gotta go for now, as im enjoying a glass (or two) of wine so will sign off for now till next time.. thanks for reading

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Knitting socks watching bravo artist

knitting a pair of  socks while wathcing bravos next artist.. and getting ready to watch top chef texas. having a glass of white wine, after a bit of a tough day at the office..
gained a pen pal today! very exciting, hoping for some etsy sales. im thinking from nov to dec its a do or die.. gotta pull out all the stops, and put some good stuff up for sale for the holidays.. gotta go

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Planted Egyption onions

today is a beautiful day, the perf day to plant my onion bulbs that Sandy sent me yesterday! thanks Sandy in Idaho... i cant wait to see those spirally crooked little heads popping up in the spring.. Sandy calls them Walking onions.. if you have never seen them theyre very very cute they take on all kinds of wacky shapes and looke great in the garden... i think its thyme to put a few more items on my http:/  so gotta go for now.. talk soon