Tuesday, November 22, 2011


look at these cute little guys!!! they are waiting to go to bible study with me tonight. i cant remember if i mentioned before that on tuesday nights my mother myself and nine of my cousins have bible study. my mother being the aunt leads the study. we have been meeting for over a year now and we all love it. anyway i painted these guys and put some potting soil and some paperwhite bulbs in a nice cellophane bag tied with a ribbon. when they get the snowmen home they can plant the bulb and it should bloom for Christmas.
we also make sonshine baskets for whoever we know who may need extra care. tonight its a bag for a gal battleing cancer. i make homemade kit socks, my mom makes great cookies and another gal makes hanquilted lap robes, some girls bring lotions, candies nuts teas gift cards ect. these sonshine baskets always bring a smile to the recipiant.
i got my KINDLE FIRE today. im already stumped at the first step hooking up to a network, ill have to ask my firend Fran what she did.
last night was our first book club. we discussed water for elephants gina made dinner i drank too much wine and we decided the next book we will read. for the life of me icant remember i think its the girl with the dragon tatoo. acant remember the authors name. whoops. will figure it out.
gottta go for now and get ready for bible study

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