Thursday, November 24, 2011


i hope everyone has a wonderful day today. and i also hope that we all take some time to really count all of the blessings we recieve form God everyday. i am thankful that i have a wonderful family to celebrate this day of thanks with. in this crazy world today im thankful to have a home that is warm, people i love, and my health. ive been very fortunate to have family and friends and a job . its the simple things that so many people are not fortunate enough to have that we need to be thankful for. enough of my rambling. i will be making some homemade fresh cranberry sauce and some yummy applesauce for dinner at my cousin helens.
 we had our first snowstorm yesterday ... im looking forward to saturday when my maine etsy team is having a craft fair in waterville , my friend fran and i are going and will make a day of it.. alos swirling around in my brain are some great christmas ornaments i plan on making soon, stay tuned,

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