Saturday, February 28, 2015


while in Houlton I found a hidden treasure!!!! VOLUMES BOOKSTORE...

I have to tell you, I thought to myself, this is probably some tacky old  icky bookstore, but what the heck ill check it out!@!!!! sooooooo glad I did. when I first walked in I thought hmm I may have been right, but as I started looking around I was AMAZED DID I SAY AMAZED... it was like I was in the amazon warehouse.. tons and tons of books, some old, some brand new, some slightly used.. whatever.. all in catagories!!! and I though wow how great THEN I looked around the corner and it continued, and continued and continued.. any book I want can be found there for sure... I was looking for a new Jodi Picoult on amazon, and a used one coast over 10.00 plus shipping well I found the Jodi picoult section and there was the book I was looking at on amazon sing you home,  like new for 4.00 and a few other jodis most I have already read, but found another one plain truth.  anita shreve another one of my faves, john Sanford ann hood..

here they are... six fabulous books for 25.00 JACKPOT!!!!!!!!! I went right back to my motel room and read the Ann Hood book COMFORT... wowowowowowow she wrote the book on her grief over loosing her five year old daughter Grace..  I read it straight through and cried and cried and cried.. what a beautiful book.. how we get through grief continues to be fascinating to me.. if anyone is interested in reading the fabulous book I would be glad to send it along to you.. just let me know and I will mail it right out to you, its a must read... so step aside amazon book department I have found volumes... I have already wrned the bookseller I will be a regular! currently reading a book I had bought at a thrift shop John Sanford BAD BLOOD.....

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


how hilariously funny is this??? im working in Houlton Maine this week and this is the marquee at the theater.. what a combination!! so now im even farther north and it is below zero and will be snowing about 6 inches overnight!! yikes. when will this winter end???
im in a motel for the next three days .. I have a new book to start and im really excited about its a John Sanford called Bad Blood.. I want this to be a year full of good books. im keeping track of the books I read in my journal, because I can never remember what I have read, and if they change the cover im likely to buy the same book twice..
this motel is quite nice and has a great little irish pub. so I will have a bite in a bit , maybe a draft beer and then settle in early because I have to be up every day at 4am.. yeeeeeeeeeeeeegds.
im working on some really cute rice packs. I just ordered some lavender from a feloow maine team etsy member to put in my pcaks, when I get back to my house I will post some pics.. they are very very cute!! and of course im sewing market bags as well. im really getting into the sewing thing. im no betsy ross, but I am able to sew a straight line.  I could never figure out how to thread a machine, but my mom bought me one for five dollars at the church yard sale and I can actually operate it.. so its my new fave thing to do..
any wieht watchers out there?? I jus tlisted a nice weight watchers book in my etsy shop

Friday, February 20, 2015

ski shadow selfie and bits and bobbles destash!!

still freezing and snowing here in the north maine woods..  im cross country skiing every chance I get. am I loosing weight ??? NO..  does that make me mad YES.. have been trying to loose 20 pounds cant even loose ONE.. anyway enough about that.. heres my ski shadow selfie kind of looks like SASCATCHAWATCH or whatever the name of that monster in the woods is!!! 
so then I added a listing to my etsy shop.. im going through all my craft supplies and im putting destach bags together.. iam putting them in 5.00 priority boxes from the post office.. heres my first one
I listed whats in the stash here
bummer its time to go to work...

Monday, February 16, 2015

Tepco USA China

whoops something happened and my pic didn't make it in the post so here it is what wouldn't taste yummy poured from this?

A Thousand Below Zero

its official im a idiot!! I had today off.. thought about not going, but decided to anyway.. I love to cross country ski, and im so fortunate to live in a place where we have lots of free groomed trails. it was really really cold today but I always feel so much better after I go.. so off I went.. the wind was INSANE.... it was like being in the wild wild west.. (Alaskan west).. anyway.. that want too bad because there are only a few spots that are wide open, so most of the time wasn't too bad, although  the wind caused major drifts, so its a good thing im familiar with the trail.. the worst part I was worried about a tree falling and hitting me. I could hear the trees cracking like crazy.. it was quite wild and wooly.. but I feel so good that I went..  when I got homw I listed some items in my etsy shop, did a bir=t of grocery shopping, am doing laundry and will make dinner in about an hour.. oh yes did I mention im enjoying a nice glass of red wine??? dinner will be scallop and lobster scampi..

and I must mention I finished a fabulous book last night called Still Alice by Lisa Genova.. a fabulous read!!! about a Harvard professor who is diagnosed with early alzheimers disease, and she chronicals it for us..  a very very good read !!! I highly recommend it.. I always feel sad when a good book ends, because now I have to find something to measure up to it and I can enjoy!! any suggestions?? 

heres a peek at a couple of items in my etsy shop! how cute is this little gravy boat!!! anything would taste better poured from this don't you think??? its Tepco USA China..

Friday, February 13, 2015

Book Swap?

I just have to share the great books I,ve been reading.. the first is The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult... absolutely great reading ... I love all of her books... the next one was Almost Moon by Alice Sebold.. this one was very good , but may not be for everyone.. beautifully written, but the subject matter may be disturbing for some.. its about a woman who kills her mother , and their relationship! very very good ... if any of you out there are interested maybe we can swap books with each other.. leave a comment and let me know if there is any interest.. I think it would be great fun.

I have also been making market bags. the last picture I posted was pretty lame, I am working on my photos.. I just finished a fabulous bag from a great vintage print I bought a while back. it is sooo pretty I just love the fabric. I am going to make some covers for my couch pillows because I just cant get enough of this beautiful fabric!! let me know what you think??

Isnt that fabric FAB???????? still need a lot of work on my photo skills!! ahah let me know what you think!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Birdie Bar

while I was out cross country skiing today I came across this ! I laughed it was a Schlitz can on a tree and I thought what a cute little birdie bar  it was 10 below zero today but once I got skiing I was sweating like crazy! the snow and the trails were absolutely beautiful.. I worked a short shift today so I was able to go after work, and im sure glad I did. also today I couldn't sleep so I got up at 3am. I have been wanting to make market bags, so I made one this morning before I went to work .. it cam out soooo cute check it out im not sure if you can see the pattern, but its fish!!! soooooo cute.. I want to make a hundred of them!! im not a great sewer, but this I can do! the picture doesn't really do it much justice, its very very sweet if I do say so myself!!! im also learning to take pics with my phone and I think they are way better so will most likely do that from now on,  let me know what you think!! good day!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Items

hi every one I just listed a really cool vintage clarinet in my etsy shop!!  I found it at a retired music teachers yard sale! Its in great shape and even comes with and instructional manual and record.  I am still waiting to hear from you gals who left comments on my weird little BROOM HANDLE DUSTERS.. I  want to send them out to you as soon as I get you mailing addresses... Hope to hear from you soon.

Sunday, February 1, 2015


heres my e-mail


drum roll please !!!!!! MARIE!!!!!! thanks girls for your great guesses and comments..  love the toilet brush  hahahah.. yes as I said the winters are long here in maine so you must entertain yourself somehow and I thought these were hilarious and they work really well to get rid of cobwebs and dust in high places... and then you can wash them. pretty funny and soooo easy to make. but since you were all sweet enough to leave a comment I want to send each of you one of these little cuties!! so please e-mail me with your mailing addy and I will send them out Monday morning.. I have another little project up my sleeve I will be posting soon. thanks girls