Tuesday, February 24, 2015


how hilariously funny is this??? im working in Houlton Maine this week and this is the marquee at the theater.. what a combination!! so now im even farther north and it is below zero and will be snowing about 6 inches overnight!! yikes. when will this winter end???
im in a motel for the next three days .. I have a new book to start and im really excited about its a John Sanford called Bad Blood.. I want this to be a year full of good books. im keeping track of the books I read in my journal, because I can never remember what I have read, and if they change the cover im likely to buy the same book twice..
this motel is quite nice and has a great little irish pub. so I will have a bite in a bit , maybe a draft beer and then settle in early because I have to be up every day at 4am.. yeeeeeeeeeeeeegds.
im working on some really cute rice packs. I just ordered some lavender from a feloow maine team etsy member to put in my pcaks, when I get back to my house I will post some pics.. they are very very cute!! and of course im sewing market bags as well. im really getting into the sewing thing. im no betsy ross, but I am able to sew a straight line.  I could never figure out how to thread a machine, but my mom bought me one for five dollars at the church yard sale and I can actually operate it.. so its my new fave thing to do..
any wieht watchers out there?? I jus tlisted a nice weight watchers book in my etsy shop

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