Friday, March 27, 2015


I cant believe how fast time goes by.. I have been working in Houlton which is a town about one hour north of me.. really enjoying the store love the people.. I wanted to show what my sweet seasons swap partner Kris sent me. In case you're wondering the swap is on maryjanes farm site. we get paired with a partner and send out a box of seasonal goodies  winter spring summer and fall.. I love this website as I get to meet soo many wonderful people I otherwise would never have contact with.. all of the women there are wonderful.. they all are extremely generous, kind, smart and fun! you should check it out .. anyway here is my package from Kris.. how FAAB-EEE-LISS is that!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ruth Adeline White

I went on a junk hunt the other day and found this scrapbook.. it seems that ruth adeline white of boston mass, tried to make it as a model. the pics look a bit shall I say riskay??(spelling?) she did make it as july 1937 blonde of the month because there is a letter in the scrapbook from The Charles Marchand Co inviting her to new York city. The letter tells her that a room has been reserved in her name at the Hotel Astor. It tells her what train to take into the city, what the weather is like and what to bring with her. Quite a time in her life I am sure..
here is the outside of the scrapbook.
here are a few of the pics of ruth.. as I read on I think she may have gotten married and published some poems as there are articles under the name ruth mason. I have this scrapbook listed in my etsy shop   here is a pic of the letter they sent her telling her she won the blonde of the month contest 1937
this was a great find.. the book is in pretty good shape and has quite a few articles that she didn't get around to pasteing in..  I hope ruth had a good life.