Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Licnese Plate Bonanza

i went to a yard sale the other day and found tons of license plates!!!! what a find i have bunches of them arent they fab?? check them out at my etsy shop PLUMKRAZY, i think these are so much fun to make things from!!! i have lots so contact me if youre interest... thanks for looking.

Monday, July 30, 2012


hi everyone,, i have been crazt busy with my grandaughters these past few weeks and will be for the next week.. im hoping to be able to post some pics real soon. just so busy  the girls and i went picking blueberries the other day and i made blueberry jam today.. looks fab.. i have lots of photos to post and lots to talk about, but im wiped out.. did lots and lots today.. cleaning house shopping for grocieries making blueberry jam two new granddaughters came today.. so another busy week.. catch up later ..

Monday, July 16, 2012

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hens and Chicks

check out these fab hens and chicks. i have the twig wreath with hens and chicks listed in my etsy shop!!! i just love them so much they really are the gift that keeps on giving, as they multiply like crazy!!! i think ill become a  hen&chick farmer.. thanks for looking have a great day

What Are These?

Hi im hoping someone will know something about these cute little spoons i have.. they look too big to be salt spoons, they also look like sterling, but are not marked on the back. if anyone has ever seen any like these, please let me know. i also have these little handmade quilt pieces, that i have listed in my etsy shop. they are about the size of a half dollar. i found them in the little box they are in. can anyone tell me anything about these?i listed a bunch of stuff in my etsy shop yesterday.. canat wait to hear from you  and see if anyone knows something about these cool pieces.. thanks all

Friday, July 6, 2012

Pregnancy Test

Got your attention?? hahah no its not me that took the test, i have to share this story.. i work in a supermarket and i had a first the other day. a young girl came through with a pregnancy test, and of course i had to comment. she wasnt extremely young, and seemed excited to think she could be preggers.. so i said i hope you are and she said im going into the restroom right now and do it.. i told her to please let me know the results.. sadly she came out and said it was negative. the reason she did it right there is she was on vacation  and wanted to know if she could have a glass of wine or not. God love her, i hope it happens for her.. what a great story isnt it???

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Islan Blossoms

here it is

RedNeck Wineglasses

oh yes and check out my redneck wineglasses

Busy Busy

hi everyone... been MIA for a bit.. yeegads, lots going on... socred some fab pieces at yard sales in the past week... a fab blue hutch. im in love with.. so very cute.. forgot to take a pic today , but will.. it has been hideously hot ..  we had a yard sale today did pretty well.. plan on getting in  my kyak tommorw and paddleing out to a beach island with a book and a few cocktails... and just chilling for the day... take a peek at the fabulous tea set i bought... at closer look i realized the rabbit on the tea pot has a broken arm, but is such a fabulous tea set that is just a minor little flaw.. check it out and let me know what you think?? Im thinking of selling it for 40.00 or trading if someone has something fabulous.  let me know...