Tuesday, January 15, 2013

cURLY Scarves

I cant believe it i finally posted a pic, can i remember what i did of course not!! This is a teribble picture too u cant really see how beautiful these are.. sorry i will continue trying to figure this out. it must be a new format, i had the other one down pat.. always gotta change something that works fine.. if it aint broke dont fix it.. oh well,,, just another brain teaser..
i worked from 5 am till 2:30 today yikes the same again for tommorow,.. i cant sleep knowing i have to get up so early..
i have Bible study tonight.. i always look forward to that..
thank you girls for your nice comments about my mom, im so thankful she is better.. what a huge relief...
i made some egg fritatas tonight.. i suated onion, tomatoe and spincah then mixed a dozen eggs with somw half and half and the saute ingrediants a some crumbled fetta.. i poured into a greased jumbo muffin pan and baked at 350 for half and hour.. now i have perf little frittatas i can just pop in the microwave for a quick high protien breakfast.. cant wait to taste..
well i will try to figure out how i loaded this pic so i can get some more later... tootles for now

Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Monday

i know its been a while but for some reason i cant upload a picture.. I am trying to put a pic of my curly scarve on for you all to see, but i cant figure it out. i dont know if blogger has changed something or its me being a computer dummy that i am..will keep trying and get back soon

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Im Still Alive

Hi everyone, abd a special hello to Amy who has started reading this blog. Im sorry its been so quiet , but my mom has been in the hospital and is home recovering now, so i have been wrapped up in that.. She is recovering well (thank YOU LORD)..  I have been knitting curly scarves like crazy!!! my couzin patty and i have been  making them day and night.. i will post a pic tommorwo as i have to go to work right now.. I just wanted to pop in and say im still here.. talk to u tommorow,,