Sunday, January 13, 2013

Im Still Alive

Hi everyone, abd a special hello to Amy who has started reading this blog. Im sorry its been so quiet , but my mom has been in the hospital and is home recovering now, so i have been wrapped up in that.. She is recovering well (thank YOU LORD)..  I have been knitting curly scarves like crazy!!! my couzin patty and i have been  making them day and night.. i will post a pic tommorwo as i have to go to work right now.. I just wanted to pop in and say im still here.. talk to u tommorow,,


  1. Hi Cheryl. Glad your mom in on the mend. I know all to well how busy one can be taking care of a parent.
    Can't wait to see your scarves.

  2. Hello. So glad that your Mom is on the mend.

    Can't wait to see your curly scarves.

    Take care and have a wonderful day.