Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Thank You God

I am on my knees today thanking my Lord for all he has given me. Without going  into much detail let me say that today was an answer to my prayers for the past two years.. Right out of the blue a beautiful gift form God was given to me today. I dont really want to say what because there are lots of things that still need to happen , but i am telling everyone that PRAYER AND TRUST IN GOD WORKS. Im full of such emotion i cant even really wrap my head around it..  I am thanking The Good Lord  today for his love and understanding and a beautiful gift he has given me today. THANK YOU GOD.. Today will be the beginning of a HUGE healing process for me.. So im hoping that eveyone can bow their heads in prayer today and thank our good Lord for all his love .. And my heart goes out to all of the families of those precious little babies in Newtown Conn and the wonderful adults who lost their lives trying to save the children. May peace and hope find room in your hearts in the coming days. Please love the Lord... I know i do.. MERRY CHRISTMAS

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