Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I cant really do this justice.. take a peak at what i recieved in the mail today from Peggy over at Ladyinred and my farmgirl sister.. we did a Christmas stocking swap and her and i had each other.. the stocking itself is a beautiful purple with a big sparkely purple butterfly on the top. it was filled to the brim with fabulousness... where to start... hmm. well there were several sweet Christmas decorations, christmas trees with bells , sweet angels a darling red bird some great stickers and card making supplies, also some fab yarns  and a beautiufl knitted scarf (i have to ask Peggy if she knit it ) i loooovvveedeee it the colors are beautiufl you can see it at the bottome right hand corner of the picture.. theres a beautiful plaque with a vintage pin on it and a beautiful vintage brooch (love love lvoe), sweeet notepad, a cross with Josheph Mary and Baby Jeusus... (the reason for the season)... a lovely handpainted sand dollar yummy chocolate bars, and i really really love the handmade Christmas tags, a chocolate candle (how great is that?) im sure i have left out some of the goodies there is just so much fabulousness there.. thanks so much for your generosity Peggy.. i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv everything..... i cant thank you enough for our fun swapp.. im also very happy that mildred is having so much fun in her new home. for you who dont know in Peggy stcoking i sent her mildred the church mouse,. well ever sinse mildred arrived she has been all ove the place at Peggys house.. Peggy post evey day showing us what mildred is up to... so very sweet im really enjoying wathcing her get to know her new home. she is very happy there and who wouldnt be with someone as wonderful as Peggy.. thanks so much.... will post again soon..

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