Saturday, April 28, 2012

My secret Sister  Here she is Hi Peggy Ann!!! thank you so much for being such a sweet and thoughtfull secret sister... i cant figure out how to put my fave blogs i a column on my blog so i thought this was the next best way

Home Again

Hi  I just got back from Machias again.. They had their grand re-opening today.. I t went well.. i sure hope to go back again sometime, but have a feeling it may be a while.. I really enjoy the people that work there.. So here i am.. Im feelong a bit out of sorts, maybe i can get back in the swing tommorow.. Im hoping to maybe get some orgainizing done(i never do) and get over to my friend ginas to see her daughter, get back at walking .. knitting and get some planting done.. i also want to get some items in my etsy shop listed.i also need to get another giveaway togehter.. Oh yes and  a big HELLO and THANK YOU SO MUCH .... to THE LADY IN RED who was my secret sister... LOVE HER... she sent me such fabulous pressies each month.. I dont know how to add blogs to my list so let me do it this way. one moment

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hen House Hop

First Annual Hen House Hop

Im not sure what im doing , but im hoping to be part of the Hen House Hop, from Dandelion House Blog... I have no idea what im doing but i hope its fun! Going back over to Dandelion House now..

Sunday, April 22, 2012

whoops here they are    this is the blog that i won my fabulous givea way on... these girls are faab... i will be getting a few treasures togehter for a giveaway here on plumkrazy.. i want to brighten someones elses day like these girls did for me!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

here they are

I Won A Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!1

Look at this fabulousness i won from the girls over at foxontherunblog...... you girls are unbelieveable... A pakcage came for me to day... i opened the box and there is a beautifulgold silky bag tied with gold ribbon.. i ope it up and SHAZAM.... where to start.. first off there were beautifully handmade cards (love the iris floding!!) some handmade tags , stickers galore, ribbon, ring card holders,a pocket embellishment, some chipboard shapes,a bar of orange valencia soap(i adore homemeade soap) a fabulous tie dyed domino magneta couple of really cool stones, some feathers some great clear sleeve envelopes and my absoulute favorite!!!! ta da a baby troll. I LOVE HIM.... isnt he precious! look at the little pot belly on him... I cant thank you girls enough for the fab package.. I am going back to maryjanes farm to try to find the right forum to post this on.. I have to go to work right now so it may be later tonight, but im going to mention this on the forums.. thank you sooooo much for your generosity.. i treasure everything..

Friday, April 20, 2012

New Items in my Etsy Shop    hi all   i listed some great new items in my etsy shop.... wont you go take a look??? gotta get up again tommorow for auction guy to pick up some stuff... he was supposed to be here today, oh well... so what do you think of my new lisitngs??

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What A Day

yeegads!!!! lets see how did my day go??? well lets see up  and out without shower or COFFEE... had to have blood work... that sucked as i have to have my coffee and shower to feel human.. so anyway the i went for a walk i just realized my town has a walking path and it is really great!!! anyway so then i had to have a consultation with the docite that will give me my first colonoscapy... i asked if i could mix triple sec and tequilla to the mix and have a margarita night to prep.. i thought it was a good idea!!! but a no go.. then if i hadnt had enough fun for the day i had a dentist appointment with anew dentist... the gal was in training and did all my xrays,.. i didnt mind she was great ... and everyone needs to start somewhere right??? then it was off to bible study!! and to top off the day mike and i had cocktails in the garage... i was really dreading the eintire day. but all went well except for my doctor i have to take sleeping pills and he perscribed me some p[ills but i soon realized i need to take two,, and he will not perscribe tow for me... so im pissed.. sleep does not come easy for anyway that was my day!!! yikes... oh and yes i just posted more items in my etsy store.. thanks for reading.. oh OMG i almost forgot.... I won a giveaway at foxontherun blog.. im beyond happy about it!!! thanks girls.. i think this is a sign i need to do another give away soon.... thanks so much

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beachcombing in Machias

HI all , I have been here in Machias Maine all week working. i love it here. My husband was here at the beginning of the week, we had a nice couple of days,. today when i got out of work i went to Rogue Bluffs state park for a nice walk on the beach. there is nothing like a walk on the beach with the surf pounding out a song and looking for treasures.. (although i must admit i was a little worried being there alone. you never know whne a serial killer will strike) anyway all went ok. i reall like finding rocks shaped like hearts. Hubby Mike found one for me the other day, and i found a few more today! take a look. whoops... i cannot figure out how to add a picture at the proper part of the post. anyway do you see the hearts! the next pic is of a broken heart found on the beach, i left that one there.. too sad. and the next pic is of the beach at rogue bluff.. wonderful .
I have stayed at the same motel all week and wanted to leave something for the chambermaid for cleaning my room all week(though i dont know who she is) i thought she may enjoy one of my frilly scarves that i make.. i hope she likes it.
what do you think? sorry im a poor photographer.. have a great day!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone,  I hope you are enjoying a nice day with friends and family. Im just puttering around. Im leaving for a week tommorow for work so I'm trying to get all my stuff ready to go.. I just pack everything i own for clothes, my computer, books, magazines, notecards my Bible study and every toiletry i own, so it makes paackaing really easy, but not really light.. oh well i,m only traveling in my car so i dont have to worry about pound limits..

Also today i finally made some cup and saucer candles... I could only make four as it takes about a cake for each cup, so i need to wait and get more wax for the rest.. i listed one on etsy . heres a look at them quite cute i think. I would love to hear any comments.. have a great day.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gift from SS

check out this Fabulousness.. this is my april igft from my sweet SS over at MaryJane Farm... she sent me a victoria mag , yummy, a dvd called nes in town, some anna griffen walliies  love her will have to come up with just the right thing to put them on... a recipies for carrot cupcakes from my fave susan branch, and a cupcake note pad (soosooo cute) a cupcake bookmark (very cute) some seed packet (cant wait to plant and a darling card... she is going to keep me in suspence until the end of April to reveal herself to me... cant wait she is so sweet and thoughtfull... thank you so much..... you are wonderful!!!