Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What A Day

yeegads!!!! lets see how did my day go??? well lets see up  and out without shower or COFFEE... had to have blood work... that sucked as i have to have my coffee and shower to feel human.. so anyway the i went for a walk i just realized my town has a walking path and it is really great!!! anyway so then i had to have a consultation with the docite that will give me my first colonoscapy... i asked if i could mix triple sec and tequilla to the mix and have a margarita night to prep.. i thought it was a good idea!!! but a no go.. then if i hadnt had enough fun for the day i had a dentist appointment with anew dentist... the gal was in training and did all my xrays,.. i didnt mind she was great ... and everyone needs to start somewhere right??? then it was off to bible study!! and to top off the day mike and i had cocktails in the garage... i was really dreading the eintire day. but all went well except for my doctor i have to take sleeping pills and he perscribed me some p[ills but i soon realized i need to take two,, and he will not perscribe tow for me... so im pissed.. sleep does not come easy for anyway that was my day!!! yikes... oh and yes i just posted more items in my etsy store.. thanks for reading.. oh OMG i almost forgot.... I won a giveaway at foxontherun blog.. im beyond happy about it!!! thanks girls.. i think this is a sign i need to do another give away soon.... thanks so much

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