Saturday, April 21, 2012

I Won A Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!1

Look at this fabulousness i won from the girls over at foxontherunblog...... you girls are unbelieveable... A pakcage came for me to day... i opened the box and there is a beautifulgold silky bag tied with gold ribbon.. i ope it up and SHAZAM.... where to start.. first off there were beautifully handmade cards (love the iris floding!!) some handmade tags , stickers galore, ribbon, ring card holders,a pocket embellishment, some chipboard shapes,a bar of orange valencia soap(i adore homemeade soap) a fabulous tie dyed domino magneta couple of really cool stones, some feathers some great clear sleeve envelopes and my absoulute favorite!!!! ta da a baby troll. I LOVE HIM.... isnt he precious! look at the little pot belly on him... I cant thank you girls enough for the fab package.. I am going back to maryjanes farm to try to find the right forum to post this on.. I have to go to work right now so it may be later tonight, but im going to mention this on the forums.. thank you sooooo much for your generosity.. i treasure everything..

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