Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beachcombing in Machias

HI all , I have been here in Machias Maine all week working. i love it here. My husband was here at the beginning of the week, we had a nice couple of days,. today when i got out of work i went to Rogue Bluffs state park for a nice walk on the beach. there is nothing like a walk on the beach with the surf pounding out a song and looking for treasures.. (although i must admit i was a little worried being there alone. you never know whne a serial killer will strike) anyway all went ok. i reall like finding rocks shaped like hearts. Hubby Mike found one for me the other day, and i found a few more today! take a look. whoops... i cannot figure out how to add a picture at the proper part of the post. anyway do you see the hearts! the next pic is of a broken heart found on the beach, i left that one there.. too sad. and the next pic is of the beach at rogue bluff.. wonderful .
I have stayed at the same motel all week and wanted to leave something for the chambermaid for cleaning my room all week(though i dont know who she is) i thought she may enjoy one of my frilly scarves that i make.. i hope she likes it.
what do you think? sorry im a poor photographer.. have a great day!

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