Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone,  I hope you are enjoying a nice day with friends and family. Im just puttering around. Im leaving for a week tommorow for work so I'm trying to get all my stuff ready to go.. I just pack everything i own for clothes, my computer, books, magazines, notecards my Bible study and every toiletry i own, so it makes paackaing really easy, but not really light.. oh well i,m only traveling in my car so i dont have to worry about pound limits..

Also today i finally made some cup and saucer candles... I could only make four as it takes about a cake for each cup, so i need to wait and get more wax for the rest.. i listed one on etsy . heres a look at them quite cute i think. I would love to hear any comments.. have a great day.

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