Sunday, January 8, 2017

chair re-do and scotty dog licorice

I bought this nice oak chair the other day but the coushion was ikky.. os I had a pair of curtains I had bouht at a yard sale forever ago that I loved the material of, so I knew it would be perf for the chair.. it is perfect but it wasn't quite big enough so I ad to piece it together.. nota great upholstery job, but looks good. I gave it to my husband for his chair as he sits at the table with his computer.. what do you think??
it looks pretty good.. so after that I wanted a little snack. I had put some scotttie dog licorice in my husbands stocking for Christmas.. so I opened the bag to have a few and to my delight they are actually scotie dog shaped.. toooo cute


im excited to have a new reade here on plumkrazy its PaTty from  her blog is awesome go check her out.. hopefullyiwillget something done today yesterday I watched THIS IS US marathon. what a great show!!!!! I will be watching that from now on for sure.. I may post my project later should I get it done.. LATER

Friday, January 6, 2017


 time to clean out some of my treasures to make room for more.. I love baskets so I tend to collect them and then im overrun.. so time to sell some on my facebook shop plumkrazy.. also I just picked up a load of milk glass and vintage glass from a friend so I need to sort and clean that and put in my etsy shop.. I am going to California for a couple of weeks so I don't want to load my shop up and not be able to ship, so I will be loading the shop up the first of February when I get back from cali..  so look for plumkazy on etsy around the first of February!!! so take a look at tese lovely baskets...
also I made a really nice chaulkboard.. its very strudy and very decrative.. a pretty and usefull addition to anyones home ..what do you think>???