Friday, January 6, 2017


 time to clean out some of my treasures to make room for more.. I love baskets so I tend to collect them and then im overrun.. so time to sell some on my facebook shop plumkrazy.. also I just picked up a load of milk glass and vintage glass from a friend so I need to sort and clean that and put in my etsy shop.. I am going to California for a couple of weeks so I don't want to load my shop up and not be able to ship, so I will be loading the shop up the first of February when I get back from cali..  so look for plumkazy on etsy around the first of February!!! so take a look at tese lovely baskets...
also I made a really nice chaulkboard.. its very strudy and very decrative.. a pretty and usefull addition to anyones home ..what do you think>???


  1. Oh I love baskets too..
    my Valentine angels..are made of muslin,sewn,stuffed then painted with a craft paint..wings are a cardboard I cut out then applied paint and glitter paint..legs and arms are wood dowels ..used a pencil sharpener to make ends more pointy..(:) hugs.p

  2. i just love those angels.. their faces are sweet.. maybe I will try one..