Friday, December 30, 2016

cute stuff

check out this cute side table I made..
I also made these adorable ice skates to decorate your winter door with

I just love these.. they look so cute hanging on or beside your door this winter...
this is a little red basket I filled wih berries and greens and sat atop one of my antique typewritters.. it makes a cute witner vignette.. would love to hear any comments what do you think??


  1. love the table-- the ice skates-- the typewriter decor..
    fun fun
    hugs,Patty :)

    1. i was so excited to see an actuall comment today.. you made my day!!! thanks for taking the time to let me know someone actually reads my little blog.. I went over to your blog and I LOVE TI.. I added it to my faves not very computer savvy so im not sure how to add a button to my blog.. if I could I ould add you on.. happy new year, cheryl

  2. Hi Cheryl.:)
    thanks on my valentine angels..
    have a wonderful day ..
    :) hugs.p