Monday, February 16, 2015

A Thousand Below Zero

its official im a idiot!! I had today off.. thought about not going, but decided to anyway.. I love to cross country ski, and im so fortunate to live in a place where we have lots of free groomed trails. it was really really cold today but I always feel so much better after I go.. so off I went.. the wind was INSANE.... it was like being in the wild wild west.. (Alaskan west).. anyway.. that want too bad because there are only a few spots that are wide open, so most of the time wasn't too bad, although  the wind caused major drifts, so its a good thing im familiar with the trail.. the worst part I was worried about a tree falling and hitting me. I could hear the trees cracking like crazy.. it was quite wild and wooly.. but I feel so good that I went..  when I got homw I listed some items in my etsy shop, did a bir=t of grocery shopping, am doing laundry and will make dinner in about an hour.. oh yes did I mention im enjoying a nice glass of red wine??? dinner will be scallop and lobster scampi..

and I must mention I finished a fabulous book last night called Still Alice by Lisa Genova.. a fabulous read!!! about a Harvard professor who is diagnosed with early alzheimers disease, and she chronicals it for us..  a very very good read !!! I highly recommend it.. I always feel sad when a good book ends, because now I have to find something to measure up to it and I can enjoy!! any suggestions?? 

heres a peek at a couple of items in my etsy shop! how cute is this little gravy boat!!! anything would taste better poured from this don't you think??? its Tepco USA China..

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