Friday, February 6, 2015

Birdie Bar

while I was out cross country skiing today I came across this ! I laughed it was a Schlitz can on a tree and I thought what a cute little birdie bar  it was 10 below zero today but once I got skiing I was sweating like crazy! the snow and the trails were absolutely beautiful.. I worked a short shift today so I was able to go after work, and im sure glad I did. also today I couldn't sleep so I got up at 3am. I have been wanting to make market bags, so I made one this morning before I went to work .. it cam out soooo cute check it out im not sure if you can see the pattern, but its fish!!! soooooo cute.. I want to make a hundred of them!! im not a great sewer, but this I can do! the picture doesn't really do it much justice, its very very sweet if I do say so myself!!! im also learning to take pics with my phone and I think they are way better so will most likely do that from now on,  let me know what you think!! good day!

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