Thursday, November 10, 2011

How Exciting Another REader

Hi Fox!!! I just noticed that you are reading this blog!! If i remember correctly are you a MJF girl? i have read your blog and love it!!! what a great idea that you gals get together and create! the glitter shells are very cute. heres and idea for you, a while ago i made what i called talking shells. i would cut out a word from a book or magazine like CREATE  paste it on the inside of the shell and then paint over with a clear glittery paint. these would be cute for Christmas sayings too. like JOLLY  MERRY HAPPY ect. they were really cute. feel free to use the idea with your group. let me know if you make some.
I also have to let everyone know that i have bartered 2 of the stamps. so im down to 7 the pheasant and noel pole stamp are gone. i have tons of stamps so if you have something particualr youre interested in let me know.
CURRENTLY READING------ THE BEST OF FRIENDS MARTHA AND ME BY MARIANA PASTERNAK.  this is turning out to be a great read. at the supermarket where i work we have a used book bin and we give money to the uninted way for the books, so im so lucky to have lots of books at my ready.. so anyway i pikced this up the other day, not really expecting too much, but am pleasantly surprised. Mariana is a great writer. i spent a few hours the other day reading (something i havent done in a long time) and im really enjoying it. will let you know how it goes. i miss reading i havent really been able to read too much for years (not enough concentration ) may go into why one of these days.. so anyway im thrilled to be able to spend some quality reading time..
im also almost done with another slipper sock this pair is lime green with a pale purple heel and toe. so that will be pair 4 in my goal of 25 pair this winter.. my mom has a knitting group that knits for charity so i have tons of yarn on hand. the group is so cool they fill huge bags every year with hats gloves mittens scarves and give them to the  schschooschool bus drivers tto hand out to the kids on the bus. isnt that a great idea? whoops im loosing my page i cant make it scroll gotta go

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