Sunday, November 27, 2011

hi again  im still trying to figure this out.. here is the link to my etsy shop go check it out some great gift ideas for the jewelry lover. it was quite interesting. this guy that i buy stuff from called and said he had some jewelry for sale, so i went over to check it out. he told me that his wife died in april . i was stunned i had no idea. he said they were togehter foor 44 years!!! wow the grief is immense. i sat and talked to him for quite a while and learned some very interesting stuff. i think he nedded to talk to someone, and knew i would listen. i am well versed in grief as i have suffred many many loses of loved ones myself. i felt good to be able to sit and lisstedn to him.  another chapter to add to my grief book. as sad as that is i feel fortunate to be able to listen , understand and pass these precious pieces of jewlery onto other who will love and enjoy them as much as the person who had them before did. its a good feeling to pass these loved pieces and memories onto others.
yesterday my firend and i went to a craft fair. it was really nice lots of girls from the maine etsy team there.. they all had beautiful wares to offer. we went ot a few shops after, had lunch on the bangor waterfron, and i bought a price club membership for my husband and i ... he had been wanting to and i kept saying its a waste of money, so for a surprise i bought us the membership and gave him the card when i came home. hes quite pleased with it.
this afternoon i am listing on etsy (charging my camera battery right now) will raad some knit some surf some net and hopefully ok i will get on my treadmill for about a half an hour.. tootle for now

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