Saturday, August 25, 2012

Button Braclets and Red Houses

sorry the pictures of the braclets sucks.. becuase they are DARLING!!! im loving making these.. i have enough vintage buttons to fill a volkswagon, so i thought this would be a really fun thing to do with them.. ive sold three already!! the picture doesnt do them justice you really have to see them on nd up close to see how cute they are. 
and i just had to post the pic of my 91 little red houses,,, arent they fun??? i just listed them in my etsy shop, they would make really cute jelwelry..
i will be working in bar harbor for the next two months starting next week.. i hope my hotel has a gym and a pool.. i plan on working out and swimming.. and reading!!! and working!!  gotta go for now i still have lots and lots to do.. oh yes i also made some more delish fresh tomatoe and garlic sausse today to freeze.. and i froze some grated zuccini from my garden for muffins and breads this winter,.,. bye for now

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