Thursday, August 16, 2012


 check out the blueberries sally and i picked t McNallys farm in Patten Maine.. we really had a good time .. i plan on making jam and sally gve them to her sister in law as she was staying at her camp.. We had such a nice visit. I didnt realize how much i missed sally until she came to visit for a couple of days! she is such  sweet kind hearted friend. we had lunch at a local resteraunt , shopped at some thrift shops, went to bible study and had hppy hour in the loco lounge. i was sad to see her go. her life is so lonely and sad i wish i could mke it better for her, but of course i cant. she does have The Lord, and im so thnkful for that. she is very faithful and loves God. thank you Lord for getting her through the hard times. i will go to vermont at Christmas time for a visit with her.. and check out my few little veggies from my garden.. cute little tomatoes  hot pepper and a perf zuchinii.. mike and i went to a local resteraunt for dinner tonight hd a few drinks now im reallyh looking forward to a great nights sleep.. God willing..
HI Connie, thanks for joing plumkrazy, I'm happy to see you here and hope you enjoy my little ramblings. cheryl

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