Saturday, September 8, 2012

Farmgirl Secret Sister Revealed

look at all of this fabulousness.... Lesley was my secret sister.. i was out of town working all week ( will be for the next 6 weeks) and i came home for the weekend and there was this package waiting for me..  where to begin with all the goodies.. Lesley knows i love susan branch so she went out of her way to find sb material and made me a beautiful apron and sweet little pocket holder .. not to mention  beautiful note cards and sweet sb cards with her reveal messsage in them.. also some beautiful plaques by margalein bostin whom i also love..  some great soap (love) a lovely cup (love) a tin of tea (love) some berts bees tinted lip balm (love) and beautiful cards.. i cant thank you enough Lesley especially sisnce i know that Lesley and her family have been having a difficult time lately . It goes to show you how selfless she is to still send me these lovely things when her life is upside down, so very thoughtfull... i also love the bible study she does on the mjf website. i havent really commented on it much as ive been really busy at work but i do read it. thanks for that too Lesley.  gotta go for now but wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU TO LESLEY...

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  1. Hello Leslie,
    Wow! What a treat to come home too! She sure did go out of her way to treat you special. I am thrilled for you to receive such a generous package! The tea cup is lovely as well!
    Thank you so much for linking up to Tea Cup Tuesday! I enjoyed visiting you : )