Friday, October 5, 2012

Rose Hips and Hydrengas

Love the title..While in Bar Harbor i really enjoy walking on the shore path. it wraps around the oceans edge. its very popular and you see many peopl and look at all the fishing boats and cruise ships. very cool. so the other day i thought i would take a few pics of things i saw along the way. Now if i can figure out how to post a pic with the caption under it.Well guess i cant figure that out..
Anyway looks like i will be in bar harbor another month. i really enjoy the job and the people are fabulous! im getting to know some really nice people. im home for the weekend and slept in late today it was wonderful! i dont HAVE to do anything. feels good to be lazy! i really need to get some cleaning done. i promised my mom that i will shampoo her friend millies rug tommorw, mom was going to do it. so of course i dont want her doing it and God Bless millie she is in her eighties. she is moving into assisted living, so i will do that for her tommorw.  i also want to make some more button braclets. finish a bunch of red neck wineglasses.. and figure out possibly how to set up a craft table. i saw a sign for a craft fair nov 10 at bar harbor Christian accadamy. have to think about that.

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