Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Getting Ready

wow long time since ive posted... tonight will be my last night here in bar harbor. i have been here for 10 weeks working. i have made many wonderful new friends. it has been a joy getting to know these people, who are so much fun and so very sweet and generous. evelyn gave me a gift certificate to a round resteraunt, so my husband and i went there last night for our anniversary dinner( a month early) i thought it was today but its next month. whoopsie.. im a dodo.. anyway dinner was fabulous!!! omg i had grilled lobster tail scallpos and shrimp.. and a lobster stuffed shitakie mushroom appetizer with a chocolate martini for dessert.. mike had filet mignon (spelling?) and his was delish as well... we met a wonderful couple form australlia, and the bartender and waiter were was a very very nice dinner thank you so much evelyn.. we really had a memorable dinner.. very nice. now im off to work today and then tommorow is my last day here.. sad.. i will miss everyone muchly..
gettin ready yes im getting ready to do a craft fair in trenton on november 10, so anyone living around here be sure to come. it is at Christian acadamy school.. i will sell my redneck wineglasses, button braclets, gift pockets, and i think i will sell buttons and beads by the scoop and my metal letters.. when i get home this week i will start gathering all really looking forward to it. not only will it be fun to sell but i love to see the things other crafters are doing as well...
lastley my heart goes out to all of my fellow americans who are suffering from the damage and loss of hurricans sandy.. how horrible it must be to be ripped apart by a storm like that.. those of us fortunate enough to never have experienced such a thing cannot phathom the pain and suffering involved.. God hears our prayers, so lets all pray for those suffering. 
i hope to post some pics of my gift pockets when i get home..

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