Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Recycled Magnets

Hi all  I made some cute magnets and listed them in my etsy store today. heres what they llok like. And i also have a pic of my new redneck wineglasses.. i also put out an APB to everyone on MJF forums , that if you have any of the glass candlestick holders that i used for the base of the glasses,please contact me and we can barter or i will buy them from you. i used to see them everywhere and now that i want some i cant find any. thanks. My husband and i went out to lunch today ( i wanted to go skiing ,but i havent been spending much time with him lately) so i decided to go for a ride with him insteaad. and of course my firend Kara came by this morning and gave me a computer lesson.. so i can now pin cool stuff on my pinterest boards.. fun fun.. Im also still getting ready for the big trash to treasure sale in houlton the 17 and 18th of march. heres a couple of cool items i will be selling. isnt this hairdryer fab?? it is brand new!!! and of course i looooovvvee the old typewriter.
gotta run we have our cousins Bible Study tonight..

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