Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dress Forms

Mike and i went ot the auction tday. it was fab.. i walk in and what is the first thing i see??? thats right vintage dress forms!!!! ive always kicked myself for selling the one i had you can bet i wont sell this one.. maybe the small ones... not sure -- take a look. whoops they look a little blury lets see if the other ones are better. yes thats better. how freaking fabulous are these??????? the one with the metal cage on the bottom and the wooden spool top will be mine forever i love her... thisk i will call her Matilda. the other one is covered in vintage buttons. i may sell her not sure yet. and the samll black one is very victorian. and the other bust is in great shape. and check out the fab vintage mirror in the back.. will look cute in our garage The Loco Lounge.. I cant wait for warmer weather so we can get out there and get my little summer selling shop set up. and mkie and i like to sit out there and have cocktails and many people who dirve by stop in and visit with us.
i will be wroking for the next four or five days and then i have four days in a row off!!!! i will be selling at the HOULTON ROLLER RAMA on Route 1 in Houlton Maine on the 17th and 18th.. looking forward to it, not sure what kind of a crowd will be there, but will be fun anyway..
im just so excited with my new Matilda..... Love her.. take care all

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