Friday, March 9, 2012


hi all  hubby and i went for a ride today and came across some good junk and a great yard sale.. i found some glass candle holders to make more redneck wineglasses, and some really really nice handmade twig tables.. the young couple having the sale were pastors and they were relocating to kansas. he made the tables,, they are tottally fab. this will be a good weekeend for junk as we are going to an auction tommorow.. YIPPEEE.... so much junk so little time... anyway hope to get some good stuff at the auction.

last night we went ot our fave resteraunt RUTHIES, had sandwhiches and a few drinks. its been a good weekend so far.. i also listed some more items in my Etsy shop.Im sorry i cant figure out how to post a picture with the caption under it..
So check out the top photo. those are a set of five escargo holders. when was the last time you saw those? or ate snails for that matter!!  and how cute is the little vintage purse? yes i think summer will come again.
gotta go for now , will check in tommorow after the auciton.

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