Friday, March 2, 2012

pieces of a shattered dream dave michaud

im hoping you can see this piece  i was in houlton shopping in ginas shop. for some time i had wanteed to find just the right vessel to fill with my brother Daves ashes. but i also wanted to say more. my nephew had made a cd calle pieces of a shattered dream! as i went ot the craqsh site and saw pieces of my brothers plane the smell of gas and oil pieces of metal and shards of glass. i knew i had to have a piece of the windshield. i packaged some debrie an d packaged it and mailed it backt0vermont. Gina from ginas shop in houlton UYOU MUST GO CHECK IT OUT  I FOUND A PIECE SHE HAD ON A NECKLACE A SMALL SALT SHAKER,, PERFECT, so since my lst name is keyes i thought i would add a skeleaton key, fill the salt shaker with daves remains. so sorry brub , but i filled the salt shaker with some of your ashes ans added xsome beads,a key(my lst name is keyes) i ran wire around a piece of glass that i gathered at your crash site in riolinda and added a heart  that say made with love, i call this piece of jewelry



  1. I think you necklace is beautiful and so meaningful. I love how much thought and love you put into your work. So sorry that you lost your brother.

  2. I'm sorry for the loss of your brother, I know it is hard, I lost mine in 2010 too. but I love how you put so much thought and love into the necklace. I have a locket that has some of my Moms ashes but haven't found the right thing for my brother's yet. I'm sure your brother is smiling down on you and saying thanks for the love you are showing him...I know my Mom and brother are.