Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spelling (or lack of)

wow im a horriblespeller.... (could be the pino grigio) i will be trying spell check from now on... i sold a beautiful old dresser today. we (hubby and i ) are almost hoarders, who am i kidding we ARE hoarders,, we are now trying to get our garage cleaned out so mom can get her car in this winter. for the past few months we have called it the Loco Lounge. so it was good to make a tiny bit more space. the room we are remodling for my mom is almost done. mike pained trim today the carpenter finishes tommorow  then  some heat and she can move downstairs. shes getting too old to climb stairs so this is a great move. i used some kilz it on some water sopts on the bathroom ceiling, washed windows and puttered around a bit. i just plastered ben gay on my perpetually sore back and now im having massive hot flases from menopause ben gay and the laptop. heelp. im going to try and put my blog on maryjanes fram blog roll. lets see if i can make it happen. thanks for reading ..

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