Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Check These Out

Hi I posted some of my vintage type set lead blockson my etsy shop plumkrazy. i have quite a few of them so if youre interested let me know.. i alos have some pics from my machias trip ... i worked over there for a couple of days this week. and got the recipie for a BLUEBERRY COSMO from the owner of Helens Resteraunt.... sooooooooooooo delish 2oz absolute vodka( i blought blueberry vodka) 2oz vermouth 2 oz Wymanns blueberry juice and a daash of fresh lime. dellish.. there is some debate on if this is a cosmo or martini but at Helens its a cosomo so thats what i call it.. try it its sooooooooo delish.

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