Wednesday, October 26, 2011


i work at a supermarket and i had a cusotmer  a young girl with tow little boys that looked to be twins mayber 2 or 3 years old. while cashing out one little boy said i have to go to the fuc-ing bathroom. the mother was  horrified and said what did you say and the other twin said (loud enough so everyone could hear) he said A HAVE TO GO TO THE FUC-ING BATHROOM.  not funny that little boys that age knew to say that but funny when your a cahiser at a supermarket and lead a fairly boring life.. need less to say she took the to the FUC-ING BATHROOM... 
I had a sale in my etsy shop i had just listed them yesterday they were drawer pulls.. check out my shop for vintagey goodness and fun jungque!!!
well gotta go try and sleep.. i just took some sominex.. i have been on perscription sleeping pills and just figured out that  i am unknowingly eating like apig  undr the influence of these pills... must stop.. hope the sominex works...
if anyone is actually reading this thanks for listning... leave a comment if you like

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