Monday, October 31, 2011

thanksgiving cards

Hi Connie  What do you think of my handmade thanksgiving cards?? can you see the glitter?? i hate everything i  do so i really need another opinion, and since i only know for sure that youre reading this connie im asking you?? what do you think?
i alos recieved my walking onions ( i call them egyption) from my farmgirl friend today. so i really must plant them tommorow as time is running out here in the far north east to plant... thanks so much for sending them to me... im excited to plant them. i must be sure and mark the area as i know me next spring i will have no idea what is there unless i mark them, as im just starting my garden here in millinocket.
i sent out my swaps magazines today and my etsy sale from the weekend. also my nephews birthday package. my mom made him some cookies and some candy it only cost TWENTY DOLLARS to send it!!! but hes soo worth it.. hes my presh.
i worked from 10 till 6 tonight then it was off to my cousins bible study and home to visit a bit with my husband having a glass of wine , just took my sominex waiting to feel sleepy to get up and do it all again tommorow,,, thanks for reading Connie i hope im not tooooooo boring!!!

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