Tuesday, October 4, 2011


im listning to my husband say i told you so he is alsways after me to get a flu shot.. well i havent gotten it yet (its barely october) and now im sick sick sick... i thought it was just a cold but im thinking its worse than that.. dying... anyway i wanted to post because im so dissapointed when i go to my fave blogs and they havent posted anything.. not that anyone is following this.. but just in case...
i had another sale on my etsy shop now that ive joined the Mary Jane Farm Girl etsy Team
Whoops this isnt what sold but im glad i put this on for you to see,  these are absolutley darling little aspirin bottles with vintage beads in them.... soooo very cute. i love just looking at them.. check out my plumkrazy etsy shop.. lets see what else do i have there
these are the button si just sold to woodstreamdream (Nicole).. go chek out her fabulous shop as well,,,, thanks nicole
gotta go for now as im getting flu tired... bye

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