Thursday, October 6, 2011

Im Upright

today im fleeling a bit better. though not 100 percent.. as soon as i get too active im coughing up a lung!! it does feel good to be moving about but will be glad to get back to as normal as i can be..
i did put some more stuff in my etsy shop today.. i had thsese really cool butoon lots i had found at an estate sale in vermont. one of the lots had a locket with a vintage photo of a couple in it.. very very cool. you can let your imagination take you away wondering who these people are where do they live what is their story??/ are they still alive were they in love?? are they still what heartache have they suffered in their life when in that photo they seemed so happy??? what crewl tricks did life play on them?? anyway im getting a bit depressing i should also wonder what joys they had in their lives as well.
heres a photo oh poopey its blurry let me try to find a clearer one. well maybe later sorry for the poor pics. but of course you can go to plumkrazyetsy and check out my lisitngs..
my very good friend fran is at the hospital with her very ill sister nancy. i am thinking and praying for them lots. im hoping nancy will be able to come out of this and her and fran can maybe repair some of the past issues they have had.
well gotta go for now and let my friend gina know my schedule for next week, so maybe we can have our book club. we read water for elephants great read if youre interested.. bye for now

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