Wednesday, December 7, 2011


hi   mike (my husband) and i will be leaving friday for three days! we are going to brattleboro vt to see our dear friends.. not sure if we will stay sat night or head up the maine coast... will let you know.. i am having dinner with my dear friends maryellen and sally on firday night ... then we will take it from there for the rest of the time.. will be good to get away. and back to vermont... miss it very much and all my wonderfull friends there... im bringing some of the homemade blueberry and strawberry jam that my granddaughters and i made this summer... hope everyone likes it...  will try to remember to take some pics to post..
YIPPEE  i had an etsy sale tonight... a darling littel browm bag cookie art sheep mold....
watching top chef right now... gotta get some sleep another work day tommorwo,,,,,,

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