Thursday, December 15, 2011


look at that fabulousness!!!! YUMMY. i decided to make cranberry apple jam sinse i love both flavors why not combine them.. so i made up a recipie of cranberries apples water sugar and cinamon and cooked and mashed and cooked and mashed a bit more and whhooolaaa... beautiful and may i say tasty cranberry apple jam... i have been making my own cranberry sauce for years and also homemade apple sauce. so i wanted to try this... fabulous!!! i will also still make some cranberry sauce and some apple sauce for gift giving.. cranberries are on sale at the market where i work and apples are 99 cents a pound for totes.. so i have more canning to do.  but i do not get flustered about getting things done for Christmas.. Christmas is a lovely time of year that we can all celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. think back at what they had for gifts then.. the poor precious baby our Lord was born in a manger... but what a wonderful gift he was. to think that he died on the cross for our sins!!!! wow you just cant top that... so i say pour yourself an eggnog (with a little something extra in it) say a prayer of thanks for our wonderful gift of forgiveness and everlasting life and enjoy your family and friends and have a great time.. so what if a few things dont get done.. they will eventually and i really feel we should keep the spirit of loving and giving all year long anyway, so dont fret and just enjoy this wonderful time of year.. ok ill get off my sopabox now... just wanted to show you all my yummy canned goodness..
MERRY CHRISTMAS.... talk soon

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