Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Giveaway!!!! Date of Draw and little hint

hi everyone  thanks so much for checking out my blog and shop, and for your great comments... Hi Missy, i see you have started following me! its always a big treat for me when i see someone has signed up to follow me, and to read great comments.. thanks so much... anyway!!! ta ta.. i have put togehter some cute little items for making a little summer scrapbook.  so i will wait until SUNDAY evening at 9:00 to draw the name.. so there is still time to leave a comment and get your name in for the drwaing..
i had to leave work yesterday i hurt my arm somehow and it was killing me. went to the dr today and he gave me a shot of steroid! OUCH.... should be back to normal in a day or two...
we found out last night at our bible study that my cousin helen has to go on kidney dialysis. she has terminal cancer, and only one kidney and that is only functioning at 13 %. a huge blow.. she has suffered so much and gone through so much this is really a big dissapointment. please pray for her. she is the kindest most loving person you will ever meet and has an extremely strong faith in God. devastating news for sure.
i am going to do it!!! i have to loose weight when i was weighed at the doctors office today the scale said ONE AT A TIME PLEASE!!!  i thought i needed to loose about twenty pounds to feel better, but now im thinking 40... how does this happen??? does anyone have any great diet tips to share??? I NEED HELP,,,, so for the next two weeks straight i will live on salad, fish chicken and veggies to jump start myself, then continue to eat wisely and walk.. i know exercise is the key as well...
we are starting a new bible study book on acts by warren wiersbe. i will study that for a bit and do some surfing here on the computer and just putter around the house today, as my elbow is killing from the shot.. dont forget to leave a comment for a chaance to win some cute stuff!! thenak cheryl


  1. Hi Cheryl, this is Dutchy from MJF. Love your blog...please enter me in your give away. I love to scrapbook but had to do away with ALL my scrapbooking supplies when I moved to more room in my suitcase duh. So this would be a nice way to get started again lol. Hugs from marian/dutchy

    PS love the teacup candles on your etsy pretty :)

    1. hi dutchy thanks so much.. youre in!!!

  2. Cheryl,
    Love the heart plate. I have one I inherited from my mom. You have cool stuff.