Sunday, June 10, 2012

Great Comments

hi  i had some great comments from Joan and Lynette.. its so nice to hear from people who take the time to read my blog! for some reason i can only reply to your e-mails i dont have your e-mail listed.. sorry if that doesnt make sense.. but i need to have your e-mail to get in touch with you.. your names will go into the drawing for my giveaway.. speaking of   what will it be?? im still deciding!! will let you know soon, hope to hear from some more of you ...  i had my yard sale for the second day today!! another great day!!! by 10 am i had sold some of my redneck wineglasses... then i had two gals come by and buy a cute little pink cupboard and wicker topper, a couple of lamps and they bought all three of my handmade chaulkboards.... shazam//// i felt great selling stuff that i made and dreamed up myself!!! must make more chaulkboards!!! very very cute... it was a good day all in all... mike and i hung out and worked the yard sale, then it was bbq time mike made some bbq chicken and store bought macaroni salad.. then it was cocktails, i came into the house to list some new items in my ETSY SHOP, and our neighbors came over with their precious little granddaughter charlie.. now its tv time and computer time.. have to go back to work tommorow (poopers), oh well life cant be a constant vacation!! (sad).. so stay tuned for the GIVEAWAY INFO!!! thanks for reading...


  1. Whew! I had trouble posting a comment but finally it would let me!! Prolly something I did wrong...

    Anywho, I like your blog, LURVE your color! This is goneriding from Mary Jane's.

  2. I love your items on Etsy! I would love to be entered in the drawing.

  3. love reading hope you decide on the giveaway soon i love to enter blog giveaways~