Saturday, June 9, 2012

Another good day

my niece rebecca stopped by today. she lives about  6 hours from us, so it was great to see her... she is getting married next year.. she is quite invogue and has very particaular ideas about her wedding so of course i gave her a set of redneck wineglasses for her and  brian for the wedding toast!!! hahah when hell freeeszes over.. so of course i always tease her about how tacky i am... i am so proud of her she has really turned into a wonderfull young woman... love you rebecca... so im now on a mission to  choose a signature cocktail for her wedding... any way... so i had my yard sale today.. it went well and were getting more organization in the garage... will have it again tommorow...  hmmm lets see what will i do for the GIVEAWAY here on plumkrazyvintage??? will decide within the next few days... still waiting to hear your comments... when you leave a comment i will enter your name in the giveaway..

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